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Slash PMT today, ZipRecruiter the smartest way to hire, okay, let's get some segments. That was a really fun interview with Brian Urlacher. He actually said on the way out his like, wow, you guys were a lot more fun than I thought. What does that supposed to? Because he sits down and you see the okay, we got Tom Selleck dollar store post Malone. Yeah, this is going to be weird. He and he also was coming from get up and Dan Patrick show which are pretty professional operations. Yeah, he walked in during a set being built and our shit hole of an office and saw the two of us. And I immediately like was like, hey, Brian, how bears fan? I love you, and he was just like, okay, these guys saw good this year, right? But then after, yeah, but then after he said, he's like, you guys were a lot of fun. Thank you. Bri. We sort of very low bar for guests, and so it's super easy for us to meet that. I also like I might be at the Monday night football game when you get your hall fame ring. And if I see on the sideline, I'll say hi and he's like, okay, okay. He's just kept on walking by the way, but that was a connection that like was very deep Brian Urlacher absolutely were either cowboy collar or neck role at some point ice. Cool. Yeah. This is like, no, you're a tape your film, your film, and this is like the Bernstein bears affect, you know where you go back in time and everyone thinks that it was spelled EIN, but it was actually a n? Yes, we're experiencing right now. Yeah, he wore a fucking neck. It's the, it's the tattoo, like we said to tattoo just screams neck. Oh, yeah. Okay. So segments, we have a couple of segments for you, and then when you get to grab bag first up, we have you triggered bro because Jalen Ramsey has triggered all the NHL Jalen Ramsey tour of just trashing everyone. He has stopped by the NHL league offices and said. Jail. He told me that he could make the NHL in six months if he tried. And then Emily, Kaplan asked who's an NF or NHL reporter for ESPN asked a bunch of superstars the NHL and they all got upset. So Jack Eichel said, I think it's at -sulting to our league for us as players we dedicated our lives to be playing in the NHL to think after six months, you could come play. Arguably one of the hardest sports in the world. I mean, it's ridiculous. He would say that it's ignorant. He's like chill out those fucking talk and track the most ridiculous part of this is that they're actually responding yet. It's actually it's very insulting to himself that he took this seriously. Yeah. Ooh, Vander canes said, I think I'd be one thousand percent times better at his position in six months and he'll be at mine. Oh shit, yeah. Okay. Let's you that. By how about Vladimir Tarasenko saying, I can bet any money in the world and there's no chance he can play in the NHL in six months, it's impossible. Yeah, it d- classes are sports. So any money. In the world including bitcoin to Jin. Yeah, including crypto currencies. Listen, NHL guys. If Jalen Ramsey is trashing you, that means you're somewhat relevant because that's like his. That's his thing now. So if you get roasted, it's almost like Jeff, Jeff Ross. The roast master comes by that means that you made it in Hollywood, bro? Yeah, actually, you would fuck me with Arthur's. Dick? Yeah. Damn. Let's let's review the facts on your roast. We should call Whitney. Ooh, joining just give Whitney call shit. Oh, let's see. What wouldn't you ask you say there's no way he picks us up. You know what he's going to pick up because he's going to think that I'm I have like a second half bet. Yeah, and that's the only that's the only way he picks up. What's up your muppet. Yeah, hold on. We go in calling companies nasty. He's probably he's, he's looking at his phone right now. He's bumble. Yeah, bumbling business. I was texting also west coast time. He's in Chicago, they have this new app. Yet, whoa. Hey. Watch the language podcast to, why would you answer like that we're taping? Pardon? My take right now. We wanted to get your take on Jalen Ramsey saying that he could play hockey and six months..

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