John Conyers, Darren, Gore discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Michigan democrat john conyers the longestserving member of the house accusing him of sexual harassment this coming to warmer staffers were yesterday process for a staffer following a complaint is complicated one hundred eighty days after an alleged instead there must be written notice to the office of complies then there's a counseling process that typically lasts another thirty days basically being advised of their rights then it's on a mediation for roughly another thirty days that's one of the staffers office gives notified the allegation in the case remained confidential in almost all cases a sexual harassment attorney who has worked on these kinds of cases involving congressional staffer says the system protects its own docs it's mike emmanuel monchy ten ethics committee owes also launching an investigation into conyers two additional women accusing minnesota's democratic senator al franken of touching them inappropriately during events for his first campaign for senate the woman spoke to the huffington post franken said it's difficult to respond to anonymous accusers and he doesn't remember the campaign events doug jones the democrat opponent of embattled alabama senate candidate roy more speaking publicly about the sexual misconduct allegations against the opponents jones praised ronald reagan either reach across the oil and criticised doctrinaire republicans hope today they are the same ones above by the way that are simply saying oh pay no attention to the allegations against one more he's republican by god will vote for him anyway that is wrong people that is well gore was invited but did not attend the towel walk i never did underage women gays nature misconduct with anybody the republican it's been granting interviews to sympathetic commentators these friendly forums to deny the allegations oxus jonathan terry fox news darren balanced yep.

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