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You can possibly do it now. Keep in mind. We've been intellectually honest. This morning during my program and every comment that we've made here on Todd's program, we've been intellectually honest. We're not discounting that something took place yesterday. That was extraordinary. It was significant. It will be attached. To the Trump legacy. There's no question about it. But at the same time Country was on fire. Officers would have acid and urine and frozen water bottles and rocks and anything thrown at them. Property was destroyed People's rights violated Destroying incredible major. Once beautiful cities, making them unlivable. In the same screamers right now. Had nothing to say about it. Nothing. People are releasing statements that have said nothing about Everything else. Remember? It was the summer of love. When when stuff was on fire, they wrote headlines and random that said. Fiery But mostly peaceful. I'm not making this up. This is what took place. So you would think after what happened yesterday that find financial markets in America would be rattled. That there would be all kinds of whether they be anecdotal or or imperial things. Evidence happening, don't things that would be with without question being able to be easily discerned. Instead, the Dow surpassed 31,000 for the first time. A little while ago the S and P. 500, the NASDAQ both up incredibly sharply, and America even on a bad day, even on our worst day. He's still the greatest nation in the history of the world. It's pretty amazing when you think about that. There were three things that from the moment this election ended, there were three things that I knew. Number one actually four because number one. I knew that, regardless of pursuing every path that was available That Joe Biden would be sworn in on January 20th. I got people mad at me for saying that it wasn't giving up. Nobody supported President Trump in America more than I did. I would I would Put what I've done in terms of faithful support up with anyone. Ah! No question about that. But you have to also be realistic. And when you see the way that things are going And every door is shut in your face. There are times where you know something happened, but you just can't prove it. And I thought that was going to be the case here. The pandemic was used to alter the election process illegally. That it doesn't seem to be impressive or persuadable to any finder of fact, But there's no question Pennsylvania And all kinds of places. Around this great country changed what they did. And I give the Democrats credit. It's it's dirty credit, but they were very busy before the election, changing all these rules, all of them to their favor and they worked. It. Like a maestro, especially In five key battleground states. I could stretch that even but especially In five key battleground states were rules were changed. Can you Can you explain how they're used to be 6% about rejection, and now it's something like point. 1.3 Because they stopped being strict on signature verification. They didn't care. Someone didn't live in the state. If it was a vote, they counted it. They knew exactly what they were doing. But go, go try to prove I'll try to prove that, your honor, I know they cheated. I can't give you anything to prove that they did. But believe me, we know they cheated. So, look, I know That President Trump got ripped off, but I also knew it wasn't going to be able to be proven. So there were three things that I knew. Number one and this is months ago. I said this President Trump will never concede. He said something today that was, I think very helpful, and I'll share it with you in a moment. But he will never utter the words I lost. I concede anything like that. This is where knowing him for 30 Three years or however long it's been Plays in my favor, because I know how he thinks. I know how he works. I also said he will not invite Joe Biden to the White House. That hasn't happened yet, And I don't think it will happen, Although the president is always capable Recalibration and maybe After today's statement. Maybe that could be subject to change, But I don't know. And because of the incident, maybe in a unity act, the president is capable of rising. To that occasion, but I don't believe he had any intentions of fighting, inviting Joe Biden to the White House while he was the president. Meaning President Trump and number three that President Trump may not I used to say he will not may not. Attend the Biden inaugural and the Biden inaugural. I know President Bush is coming in. It's gonna be virtual. Somehow, I guess in keeping with the basement campaign that he ran. I thought it was rather interesting that Biden didn't even campaign for himself, but he campaigned. In, uh, Georgia. For war noch and for us off and Oh, by the way, don't forget mark the tape, he said. Vote for these two, but he said it by name you vote for war Knock you vote for Uh, us off and you will get a $2000 check the next day. Don't forget, Joe Biden said that Let's see how long tomorrow takes I do think, though, With the Democrats having control of all three houses, they have the House of Representatives. They have the Senate and they'll have the presidency. I think you very well may see. Another $2000 stimulus check, and I believe the American people do need Stimulus. They call it Coveted relief. I think that clearly that is something that the American people need. When we come back from break, we're going to be joined by a distinguished member. The House of Representatives who I am confident. Will have profound things to say about what occurred yesterday because when you think about everything That went on. There's a lot to unpack. When we come back. Congressman Ron Estes of Kansas.

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