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To listen to wbz on your echoes smart speaker just say hey alexa play wbz newsradio on iheartradio a former tom federal prosecutor who led the case against the boston marathon bomber leaving the justice department to go into private law practice will you wind rib a twenty year veteran of the us attorney's office in boston named acting us attorney when carmen ortiz step down for the post shortly before president trump took office he served in the role until now us attorney andrew was sworn in in december weinreb led the prosecution of the case against joe zone naive was convicted and sentenced to death for the deadly marathon bombings isis claiming responsibility for three church bombings in indonesia that killed at least thirteen and wounded dozens more the attacks carried out in indonesia's second largest city targeted the country's christian minority cbs is elaine kiana with more on the suspects police now say the attackers were all members of one family local police say the attackers who carried out the bombings included two children these are the worst bombings to target indonesian churches since a series of attacks in two thousand on christmas eve that killed fifteen and wounded nearly one hundred others when i police chief says the family that carried out the attack returned to indonesia from syria where isis had maintained a stronghold until recently wbz news time five forty one what are you saying we check sports on this sunday afternoon wbz's chris pharma tracking it all for us in the as hticket.

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