Robert Muller, President Trump, White House discussed on Sean Hannity


We're dealing with. I wonder if we're going to see a change the rules yet again. After after we see the end of this actually Parker. The president has been all over the map on how he feels about this investigation on the one hand he says he would be happy to to sit down with Robert Muller. He never did that. And then he said he would never do it. Then he says, I'm happy if everybody sees the Miller report, but he also thinks it's a witch hunt and a hoax, and maybe he might use it to his advantage. According to Jonathan Lemaire on the campaign trail in twenty twenty does the White House have a concrete idea of what they wanna do. Or they in reality just waiting to find out. What's in the Muller report? They don't have a concrete idea in part because they like the rest of us. Don't know what is in the report. So it's really hard to push back on or respond to something where you don't quite know the content. I will say some people I've spoken to there. There is a plan people are reading it's maybe perhaps less of a plan than you might expect. But they are sort of going through what they think are the most likely scenarios to come out of that report in reading different responses accordingly, but you can imagine. President Trump if it turns out that he is completely exonerated as he claims he will be having a very different response than if the report contains some sort of smoking gun which to be clear, no one in the president's or believes will happen. So if they react negatively to this reports, given the way we've. The way we've been seeing them react does that does that necessarily mean. Or can we interpret that as meaning that there's something bad in the report for Donald Trump? Whereas if they react positively and they wanna use it to their advantage. And that is a tell that they feel that they were exonerated can we read into their their behavior? Well, I think I think some of their behavior will be in response to what if any is actually made public by the attorney general so so that will be kind of clear and fairly transparent. But then people you talked to you would expect right now, are you might expect at least the White House to be incredibly nervous. There were moments all through this investigation when they actually were nervous. They were panicked. When for instance, Michael Cohen that news broke. But right now, they're not super nervous. And there is a sense that it is going to be a bit of a nothing burger again, I'm not saying.

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