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Of that. When's the last time you got your haircut? I'm just letting mind grow out seven twenty-three now thirteen ten. Kfi THIRTEEN TEN KFI DOT com. No I will get back into my hairstylist. And we'll take care of things getting a little bit nessie but we're for peace this morning by Alex Bernez out of the Denver Post. A PRESIDENT TRUMP PRAISES. Colorado's corona virus response in a meat meeting with Governor. Jared police it was funny. I was texting back and forth With my brother who lives in Ohio and my brother's like hey is your governor Republican. Because he sure seems to be cozying up with President trump and I said no. He's he's certainly Democrats and could be that perhaps he's making nice with president trump because well he's asking for a whole lot of money makes sense to me president. Donald trump praising Colorado's response to the corona virus and also governor. Jared Polis in a meeting at the White House yesterday and to Governor. Jared Polis and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum a Republican trump said. You're both doing an excellent job and it's an honor to have you at the White House. Yeah they were playing ice yesterday. White House of course as you're aware is grappling with a corona virus break of its own. Paulus said in a facebook video ahead of his meeting with President trump that he was tested at the White House and that the test results came back. The governor police has been in regular touch with the trump administration through the corona virus. Pandemic said the president invited him to meet in person and that well he couldn't turn down that in that invitation among the other. Attendees at Wednesday's meeting where Senator Cory Gardner Jill Ryan the Director of Colorado's health department a Debbie burks the White House the White House's Corona Virus Response Coordinator and Interior Secretary David Byrne hearts who by the way is a Colorado Native Colorado's sufficient officials were mass at the meaning while the president burks and officials from North Dakota did not police conveyed optimism about Colorado's a gradual reopening which kicked off Late last month well before many other states and ahead of any other state led by Democrat. You know it's a sad statement on the state of politics these days but it really comes as no surprise that once again the reopening of the states has this partisan tinge to it and I remember coming across a piece where you had the Georgia governor reopening his State Georgia governor a Republican and coming under considerable. Fire in the mainstream media. But when you looked at the actions taken as Governor Jared Polis eased up on a lot of the restrictions. Now we're still waiting until the end of. May I believe it is before? He makes a formal official decision on reopening dine in in restaurants across the State Solo. You've got some restaurants including a couple in northern Colorado. Indeed that are open and functioning but once again if you compared what was going on in Georgia as far as they're reopening and the fact that it was a Republican governor the headline asked. Why is governor? Jared Polis acting like of all things Republican in allowing the state of Colorado. Too slowly reopen. Once again what does politics have to do with it? Unfortunately in today's overheated political environment everything. But if you looked at the guidelines issued out of the state of Georgia compare and contrast but it was more a matter of comparison to what Governor Jared Police did in the state of Colorado. Guess what they were almost exactly the same governor Jerry. Police Democrat not coming under fire in the mainstream media. Meanwhile you have a Republican governor of Georgia taken all kinds of heat for doing the exact same thing. People are back in a safe way. Governor Police told the president trump yesterday. It's not the way it was. Yes he does qualify. There is the king of understatement. As evidence of the return of some commerce in the state police shared that he'd recently gotten a haircut. Trump responded looks good. Trump then asked how Colorado's ski industry is doing police. Oh he actually told police I go there as you know and the ski slopes are fantastic governor said. He is hopeful hopeful. That late season skiing can resume. Soom police praised Gardner's work and helping Colorado acquire sorely needed testing supplies and Gardner returned the compliment. Everybody was just so nice and civil yesterday. Saying the governor's done a good job and I appreciate that. Police didn't share anything at the White House. Said he hasn't already shared with media in Colorado..

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