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Shots now tied nine nine even here in the second period sixteen 23 left to go but main a twoone lead over that one goes into the crowd with some steve nobody her the bunch of kids all rundle unit bring the crowd here again today at the ss sports arena visi when's the faceoff passed the buck back to ben are bitter from the center point buyers assets deflected over to the corner deepened zone rpi trying to cleared out captained his own by patrick j nice move by shea to keep the puck in the rpi end for a moment now dougherty dumps dumped sedan marshall plays the block behind his own that york fries declared out in the left wing wall cannot riley has it now shea takes it away from riley against the rightwing wall here's patrick j inside the circle his shot deflected away he'll gain the rebound download the whole was inskeep against the wall rpi punches it around the wall now here's mitchell fossey a bossi a left wing half wall tried to pass back up to the point but it comes out of the zone main will have to reset in rpi gives charlie manley a chance to cleared out of the engineers end up through the neutral zone and rpi tips and into the main ended spinner dinner a quick outlet pass the fawzi a tip sedan to the rpi zone from the blue line that whole events he applying a cheque to billy jerry of rpi was nc comes away with it battered front shot old mill can't get a shot off keith you'll bauer cutting towards the net trying to center one for the main defensman here if you'll by our back of the neutrals the buffalos process picked off by tommy grant the engineers bring it back in the main grant has left point why do the ramble wall owens doubt fix it up in the right corner stout your richards john richard skates below the main goal line back the billy jerry jerry winds it around the wall a gamba stocked by patrick hallway behind the main net and the black pierce fire down ice that will be an thing with fourteen twenty left to go here in period number two to one may this is blacker hockey familiar field go bloom sir near here for the syrian drafts yeah for.

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