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Just payments and closing costs online in real time Rocket can week six. The rivalry renewed in Pittsburgh. It has been a one sided rivalry in recent years. And that has been the case today with the Steelers crushing the brown spirit early. Up. 17 nothing. Ravens on top of the Eagles by a score of 17 to nothing early second quarter, the Giants looking for their first win on top of the Washington football team, 13 to 3. The cult's got off to a slow start at home. But I have just gotten on the board. So some hope for Philip Rivers and company were down 21 7. To Cincinnati. The foreign one bears on top of the Panthers, 10 to 3 as Carolina looking for its fourth straight win the Lions crushing the Jaguars 14 3 early the own five Falcon's off to a nice start under Raheem Morris, leading the Vikings by a score of 10 to nothing in the for No Titans. 14 7 lead over the one for Texas. Let's start things off this hour in Pittsburgh. I told you about the Steelers having no problems today with Cleveland. Let's check in with Jeff Hathorn. Has been all stealers started with the makeup. Fitzpatrick pick six of 33 yards. After struggling for much of the first half Ben Roethlisberger with six straight completions, including one of 36 yards to chase Claypool, down to the three yard line. James Connor finished it off with a three yard touchdown run. He has 50 art so far, and that score here in the first half mentioned to make a Fitzpatrick pick six and a 35 yard field goal. I'm Chris Boswell, Baker Mayfield, just three of eight or 25 yards. He's been fact a couple of times around, facing a third and long here on their own 30 for 17,.

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