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From? Just go to bob and sherry dot com and will randomly select a winner. You could win a box of bobbin sherry swag. Did you guys know that Ronald McDonald was almost a space like an astronaut or a cowboy and not a clown? That we came very close to having an astronaut be the mascot for McDonald's. I did not know that. I'm not a fan of clowns at all and Ronald McDonald has always kind of been off putting for me. But he actually was part of a commercial for one of the McDonald's locations in Washington, D.C., and in the ad, he had hamburgers tucked into his belt. He had a McDonald's drink cup for a nose. He was wearing a hat made out of a tray with a giant styrofoam burger fries and a milkshake on it. And that was before he got into his kind of, you know, yellow jumpsuit, bright red hair, red and white striped shirt. I don't know, and this was in he made his appearance in Washington D.C. in 1963, where I think we can all agree. That's ground zero for clowns. So he fit right in there. I don't know. I don't know what it was about that ad that people customers and McDonald's executives, everybody was like, we love this guy, and he and that is how they locked in to having Ronald McDonald as a challenge. Do you know who the guy did I read? Was it Willard Scott? It was Willard Scott, who was a lot of people won't know who he is. I read this somewhere. You just scratch my memory there. Willard Scott was a beloved weatherman on The Today Show, right? Right for years. Yeah. And the reason I know that is a friend of mine was the Ronald McDonald sometime years later. And idolized Willard Scott, which is part of the reason why he ended up getting the gig. So you had a friend that actually became the Ronald McDonald in the Washington D.C. area because they used to do so many appearances at so many of the stores. That was I mean, that was a real job. And then there was the guy who played it on the TV commercial. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's just so funny that that is a real job. And he did look up to the original Ronald McDonald. Exactly right. What a great country. His other career was radio, so it really does work. Same thing. Listen to what else I learned about McDonald's that shocked me. So the very first Big Mac was not called a Big Mac. It was created by a McDonald's owner in Pittsburgh. And I think I remember it was 1967, and it had the two beef patties, special sauce lettuce cheese, because I'm sesame seed bun. It was the whole thing. It was 45 cents back then. It didn't have a name. But customers and Pittsburgh absolutely loved it. So the McDonald's marketing department got together and said, we should put this in all of our McDonald's, and we need to come up with a fun name. So there was a 21 year old woman working as a secretary in the marketing department of McDonald's. Her name was Esther glickstein rose. And she said, what's called a Big Mac. And everyone laughed and made fun of her and said, that's a stupid name. And then of course you're kidding. Then, of course, the Big Mac became one of the best known product names in the history of earth. And it wasn't until 1985 that McDonald's finally acknowledged, oh yeah, Esther rose are the secretary named the Big Mac. Now she didn't get, I know you're what you're about to ask. Yeah. She didn't get any money. She got no money. No, she got nothing. She's got nothing but mockery. Here was another thing I learned about McDonald's. Well, why wouldn't they get money back then? What was the year that she came up with that roughly? Like 67? Okay. The McDonald's brothers got screwed out of money. So why would she get money? So listen to this. I did not know this. When chicken McNuggets were invented, McDonald's sold them in four shapes, so you would buy an a box of chicken McNuggets. You'd get a bell, a ball, a boot, and a bow tie. And they would roll, they had like a cookie cutter machine that would press the nuggets into these shapes. They don't do that anymore. I think in part because then people would be forced if you're getting a piece of chicken shaped like a boot, you're pretty sure that that didn't come from a chicken. That's sort of factory product. I just one step over the line. I just washed this on the food that made America. And so they tried all kinds of different ways that we're going to do it originally. They came up with a chicken pot pie because it was this whole move against beef. And we got to have chicken. Well, it's chicken, but it's like fried. So they came up with this process where they would grind it up and the guy that did it was I believe he was for like from France. And he said, we should have a dipping sauce and he said, which one do you like of these? And then the Ray Kroc said, I like all of them. And that's why you have all these different flavors of dipping sauces that go with it. Did you ever see the movie the founder, which is about Ray Kroc, who took over from the McDonald brothers and stole the business. Michael Keaton, Michael Keaton plays Ray Kroc and he says this one thing and I bet this was true. Somebody's, you know, the McDonald's brothers were promised a couple of $1 million and that never even showed up. And somebody asked croc, what was it about McDonald's that really made it take off more than anything else? And he said, it was the name. McDonald's. If it was a Crocs, no, if it was Anderson's no, it was that name McDonald's. It's such a great name. And that is, if you've never watched it, it's such a good movie, Michael Keaton. It's amazing. And it will have you feeling so much sympathy for the original McDonald brothers. Really, really did not get it their way at all. It's bob and sherry. Now available on the bob and sherry website, it's the book of bob. Sharing has collected bob's insights witticisms and proclamations and now they're available in a single volume. With pictures. What do you know what you will and won't do? What do I know what I would do? 'cause I am I. Incredibly affordable price. You don't know. Just hit shop at the bobbin cherry website. I would not have lunch with a stuffed animal in their stare into a stranger's eyes. Dot com. Hit the shop tab at bob and cherry dot com. A shareable taste of the show. The fun sized podcast drops every Thursday on the three bob and sharing app. I was following a thread about movies that started on Rotten Tomatoes and ended up taking me down some rabbit hole about the Texas chainsaw massacre, which it came out originally in I want to say 19 74. 74. And there have been a handful of remakes of it ever since. And they, first of all, the way that they sold this movie was a lie. They sold it as a true story, and here's something I didn't know, the Texas chainsaw massacre was considered so gruesome that it got banned in 11 countries, and some of those countries in case you're wondering like, well, of course they banned it in her cuts. No, Brazil, Chile, Finland, France, Ireland, Iceland, West Germany, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, just to name a few. So I've never seen the whole original Texas chainsaw massacre all the way through. Have any of you guys? I just heard the title when I I don't know where I heard it, but I said that's not for me. That sort of, if they're that blatant with what this is going to be, it's got to be rough to watch. Very loosely based on Ed Gein, who was loosely. Very,.

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