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They won in a way that I think people aren't used to seeing that Saints Team Win and they've been winning this way for a little while now at least being capable of it. Jim Ers drew brees threw for on Sunday. Was it like one ninety or something sixty? Okay. Okay. Now, ask yourself this in two thousand, twelve, two, thousand, thirteen, two, thousand, fourteen with the Saints Win Games brees throwing for one hundred sixty yards absolutely not. So to me, that was so impressive and if you look down the line, right like Marcus Williams had that pick at full extension marshon lattimore had the Janoris Jenkins have had the pick six, right? You had mark hunt blocking a field goal. You had tastes them hill playing like this sort of slash role Emmanuel Sanders who I almost forgot was on the team for the first two quarters was huge on the drive that sort of put it away for the saints right making those two catches in the red zone fighting his way into the end zone, and then you see like Marshon Lattimore who? Got Mike Evans face early and my was a little beat up coming in and just completely took him out of the game and so. Like I know, a lot of people are focused on what Sean Payton said about play. What you drew brees is stat line looked like I was so impressed with the saints because a piece of their game that they've always been relying on the it's been their identity for the last fifteen years. Wasn't really there on Sunday and they still beat the crap out of the team that most people regard as the top contender to the throne in that division and to your point like I just brought up the year-by-year numbers for the. New. Orleans Saints Right and the last three years. If you go from seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, they went eleven and five, thirteen and three, thirteen and three, and in all of those years there point differential on. It was somewhere between one, twenty, two and say, one fifty one is really where where it came in at on average. So that's a pretty good point differential but to your point, it normally was the defense played well, because they played with the lead and we really underestimate I think in modern day football how balide lead is important to allowing your defense to settle in. Take some chances to be aggressive knowing that if you make a mistake, you're still going to be okay because you have a leader, your offense rolling and to me that was one thing that Sean Payton always had in his back pocket was that if I have to dial it up defensively and I get burned well, I got guys on the other side who can get down the field in two minutes and sort of even the score so To speak and I it's a good point that you bring up. Look I. Think I think what we saw from Tampa was they were clearly out of sync offensively and their offensive line did not play well but that was because the Saints Defensive Line played very well they made those guys play bad because upfront they got after it in a way that we're now becoming more accustomed to seeing out of the out of the saints you look at. It to me. It's how quickly they get out to the lead bill..

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