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And September that's when president trump said he hopes to have fans back in stadiums and arenas the president spoke on a conference call with commissioners and top executives from all major American professional sports and when asked about that time frame during the daily coronavirus task force briefing the president responded whenever we're ready I mean as soon as we can obviously but and the fans want to be back to you know they want to see basketball and baseball and football and hockey they want to see their sports they want to go out on the golf courses and the Braves nice clean beautiful fresh air night warn of WrestleMania thirty six is in the books highlights include Braun Strowman power slamming Goldberg to get the win to become the new universal champion Alexa bliss and Nikki cross defeated the kabuki warriors to become the new WWE women's tag team champs and in the bone yard match between the undertaker and AJ styles it was taker sending styles into the open grave ending the match by dumping a pile of dirt on to AJ I'm Christiane WTP sports coming up after traffic and weather a Bethesda teen has written a song of hope for the covert nineteen pandemic it's seven forty six sometimes the apple your smartphone doesn't give you the full story the crash involving the overturned tractor trailer near the Woodrow Wilson bridge the earlier flooding has receded and both of your lanes are open outer loop before river road downed tree along the right side but it's in that extra lane with a fuel leak their training the saddle tanks right now there's a hazmat crew on the scene WTOP he gives you the why behind the what in your.

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