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The international consortium of investigative journalist shows that apple under attack for avoiding taxes by routing assets through ireland found another useful european island to lower its tax bill the bbc second alex correspondent andrew walker has been looking closely at this good morning hello david helped me with these papers what are they show about apple that the company shop to round for a tax haven after a crackdown on its tax practices in on now what did he do in on and well these revenues outside the us with funneled through companies in arlon that were effectively stateless for tax purposes who said they were subject to very little tax on and came under heavy pressure inside europe over this arrangement the decided to eliminated as out apple wanted to find new offshore hugged him and his legal advisers sent a questionnaire to the firm that's at the center of this massive likud papers each named appleby and the similarities rebels namely should say coincidental asking questions about a number of specific jurisdictions including this one is it possible to obtain an official assurance of tax exemption all right so that's in quotes wooded apple decide well they went for jersey one of the channel islands that's in the in between the uk and france alot he say a uk crown dependency we don't know the reasons at least not from the documents but it has a zero corporate tax rate who foreign companies and that presumably contributed to the islands appeal to apple it's also apparent from the papers that apple wanted to keep the move secret one email between partners at the law firm said for those of you who are not aware apple officials are extremely sensitive concerning publicity an andrew why might they be so sensitive well you will recall david i'm sure the raw the strident criticism the apple has had in the us over its too text relationships with the country m a does pay an awful lot of corporation tax in the us but all need some revenue outside the country it's an average of only four percent on international prophets is keen to keep that money offshore and as you well know the us government a lot of characters in congress would like to see some that money brought back so it could be taxed on your side of.

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