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That would be the way to do it. If you could find, you know, if they allow you, I mean, you could go alt with some guarantees. You could go 5 and a half under if you think they're. No, I mean, but you could put Jacksonville Atlanta in the bears together. The one I wanted to do was when you could do it. I think still has it in college if I could do it with Alabama and Ohio State both over ten and a half, but that's not allowed. All right, let's just go to Jeff and see if they can create it. Yeah, that's not going to happen. You never know to yes. You can ask, you know, I'm sure say no. 'cause it's kind of a correlated thing, right? You know, all those wind totals put together. About a text on my guy. Any texture right now, he'll say no. Trust you. You might be trying to jump down there before me. What are you talking about? I get the bad end before. Before what? That what? All right. While you text, this is quality, you know, live programming while you text. I want to stick with the rookies. So we've talked a little bit about offensive rookie of the year. Two of the top candidates to win defensive rookie of the year are on the Jaguars roster. We've got Trayvon walker, who is third in the odds behind Aiden Hutchins in a cave on thibodeau, same odds that DraftKings as Kyle Hamilton in Baltimore to win rookie of the year on the defense aside, 8 to one there, and then you go a little bit further down. You got Devin Lloyd. Now, Devin Lloyd is interesting because he's been hurt, so you haven't seen him yet. But at 15 to one, I think Devon Lloyd's interesting one because, you know, look, 8 and Hutchinson, cave on thibodeau Trayvon walker. Are they going to pick up those sacs? That's what's going to get them the award. Kyle Hamilton could be a guy that could pick up a ton of interceptions, make some big plays in the secondary. Obviously sauce gardener there with the jets as a starter, quay walker certainly has gotten some buzz there in Green Bay. But Devin loy was a guy that you really liked coming out of you. I don't like hamstrings.

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