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And stuff media I'm in and I'm Laurin vocal bomb and today we're talking about watch out twenty six it is yeah another one that I remember the very first time I had it yeah it was like five years ago because recent at a very fancy restaurant in Atlanta some would call it the fanciest restaurant in Atlanta yeah it was in amuse bouche and it came in this all up and it was so cute and it was so delicious that's lovely refreshing yeah yeah I I had it way back in high school I was and I took a few years of Spanish and high school because I was living in South Florida at the time it seemed like the thing to do and you know it's a lot easier than French and and we we had a version of gazpacho it that is not like what I'm going to describe a spotter is being in a second here but it was very lovely and refreshing yeah before this episode I did not realize how puff there wasn't Spain yeah I know I kind of thing yeah I don't think I would have a piece that I had in high school Spanish class without the knowledge that I now have I would have been like really in but now I know and soon you will to listeners it's not always makes me think of a series of unfortunate events yeah yeah from the wide window which I think is the third or fourth thinks that there but anyway thank you quote as you probably know chilled cucumber soup is a delicacy that is best enjoyed on a very hot day I myself was in Jordan Egypt while visiting a friend of mine who works as a snake charmer when is well prepared chilled cucumber soup has a delicious minty taste corner freshening as if you were drinking something as well okay my at my mom my mom would make a chill conversely for vice school lunches sometimes yeah all apparently despacho is an important plot point in the Simpson's read worse thank and shelter from right about that yeah in the in the Simpson's clip and to be fair we just pull this up and watch it to it to make sure we know what we're talking about we wouldn't want to get anything about the Simpson's wrong no yeah at least tries to encourage a vegetarian option of despacho yes at a barbecue and yeah and it goes over as well as you might imagine yes he didn't use the best descriptor for it I would say not to criticize the yeah it is really popular in Spain a Spanish for spring goes coach there's never too much I it's it's it's I'm a dispatcher no I am not show it literally translates to something like there's no indigestion we're despacho was concerned but but has come to be used to mean you can't have too much of a good thing yeah but this all brings to our question watch.

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