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Blue skies. Fifty six degrees involved at two o'clock. Good afternoon. This is WBZ news. And here's what's happening. We're standing by the newsroom force significant vote in Washington right now, the House Judiciary committee is about to vote on whether to subpoena attorney general William Barda testify to force him to appear even as the president pulls out the power of executive privilege to try to stop him. Here's CBS's Steven Dorsey with more public in say, the committee subpoena would force bar to break the law. But chairman Jerry Nadler says the subpoena doesn't include protected information in the Muller report. Like grand jury information. Instead, he says he wants to work with the Justice department to petition the court for its release Jerry Nadler, the chairman of the committee said ahead of this committee vote that he wants to hold the AG William bar in contempt of congress for not turning over a fuller version of the Muller report. Again, we're standing by. We'll let you know as soon as that develops are a crime tape in an active crime scene swirling around a triple decker in Dorchester on this bright afternoon, a grim crime. But what happened WBZ's Kim Tunnicliffe on scene live now with more on what's being called a death investigation. A lot of mystery surrounding this crime Kim, that's right, Laurie. One neighbor. I spoke with reported hearing sticks gunshots around ten this morning while he was working on his car outside here on Milton avenue. Police responded to the scene of town demand dead inside a triple decker at sixty six Milton out. He was suffering from injuries, but police superintendent Paul Donovan would not characterize the nature of those injuries. He would not say whether the man was suffering from done shots. And he also would not say whether thirties are searching for a suspect. All he said is this is part of the investigation. And that this point it's considered a deafened. Vested in Dorchester. Kim Tunnicliffe WBZ Boston's NewsRadio or Tim. Thank you a baby stroller. Hit by a car in Worcester. Earlier WBZ TV's Beth Germano on senior Chandler street. This is right near the stadium in Worcester. Well, police remain on the scene. We are now starting to get more. Details of what happened here within the hour. If you take a look behind me there were two cars involved that red car, according to police was stopped at this Chandler street. Intersection outside Commerzbank field police say the silver car that you see came up hit the red car and then veered into the intersection where a grandmother was waiting to cross with a three year old in the stroller. They were struck by that silver car. They were taken to the hospital, and we are told they are in stable condition with non-life threatening injuries. You've also learned that to DPW workers witnessed the crash will have more throughout the day on busy radio and the iheartradio app. An eighteen year old shot to death that a stem school in Colorado would've finished his. High school career this Friday, eight other students young students were wounded in the attack. We have new information about the suspected shooter's now in jail here in Douglas county, and at least initially cooperating with police is an eighteen year old man and a teenage girl both accused of opening fire on their campus. Here Douglas county sheriff Tony spurlock says how the two are connected. They don't know that the only thing that we know of a relationship between those two is that they were friends from the school. So other than that. We don't have any other information about how those two got together. He says it to war hoodies and used handguns to attack their school. Alex stone ABC news highlands ranch. Colorado, traffic.

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