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I just wanted to throw this in their little little thing was a Diablo four teas made this week, maybe in a video posted this week, blizzard teased. Some changes for three season fourteen. I had no idea. They were on so many seasons for three. That's why. The videos titled the future of Diablo and community manager. Brandy. Camel said, the just here at blizzard are burning hot and we have multiple projects in the works. Some of them are going to take longer than others, but we may have some things to show you later this year. While we work? Yes, we hope you say to, we were to bring these experiences to live, obviously she's got to be referring to blows. Right. Oh, excited. Give me all of the DR blows bullying. I'm curious. Yes, this is man. It was really fun. Diablo three come into switch, maybe. Good. That could be one of the projects. Is it happening. Do y'all blow? Maybe that'll frigging Royal. Marian's variance in other little which doctors running around. Obviously, I think the main thing we all want to hear about his for season fourteen. That's wonderful. That's very long. That's a lot of seasons g pretty for the new one. I also would. What about like a remastered? Some the older ones. I feel like Britney your famous time, but like if Diablo three's been out for quite a while. Now, when did it come out? Like two thousand twelve two thousand twelve to the internet machine look a longtime ago. No, I know my face got real may fifteenth twenty twelve is when it was released, but Diablo has that thing that no estimates grab that issue. Me just can't you take bass type fingers, divinity shortage. The combat is just so much different in divinity and it's just on paper turn vantage versus the real time. Yeah. Oh, I just love that gold picking up the goal makes everything. No. Has clink the best loose system ever think that magnetic attraction when things just yet went to your character your like there's something so satisfying about that. Oh, they're very, very good. It wasn't the best action RPG's of all time. More dabble, please. Sooner than later. It's been six years. Yeah. All right. Ladies and gentlemen brings us to the end of our first segment of news. When we come back, we are going to be talking about what we've been playing this week and maybe we'll, we'll see what you guys have to save some things at the chat. Who knows? We're just kind of going into here in our first ever was good games presented, of course, by pay pal, hashtag level, the Paine field. We won't take too long of a break for all of our life oaks watching. So stick with us. Everybody, we'll be right back..

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