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With Jimmy Barrett and sheriff fryer, it is five oh nine we'll get to Terry Smith here in another minute or so here in update you in the forecast because we do have storms rolling through town. They will slow you down as you try to get into work this morning. That's coming up. But first, let me talk about the latest dumb thing. Your kid might be trying to do here about the latest challenge. The shell on challenge. Really? Yep. Here's what the shell on challenges kids eating things without taking the for example. I guess the best way to do it eating a banana, but not taking the banana peel off because the banana peel is the shell eating a lemon without taking the lemon peel off that kind of stuff which is relatively harmless compared to things like, you know, tide pods for example, except there's one kid Liam ham in Tempe. Arizona who's pictured eating a bag of carrots in Gooding the bag which is made of plastic. That's probably not real good for you at the very least choking hazard. So. Facebook seems to love it Twitter, not so much. Some of the kids are saying, why do I live in a generation where challenges like the shell challenge exist? I wondered why boomers judged gen Z until I saw thread about the shell on challenge after twelve videos of high-schoolers eating bananas with appeals on. I finally say I relate to the boomers even they're starting to realize that it's pretty stupid, five ten divert. Traffic and weather together. Let's get you caught up on the drive. Juliette hardy standing Viking Line where some high water might be. Yeah. Well, we're going to have a lot on most of the roadway. So you're going to want to take.

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