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This weekend, lady read couture a well known drag entertainer in La and Co host of the Youtube. Talk Show Hey Queen. died at the age of forty three Johnny McGovern who co hosted the talk show with lady, read announced the news on social media, saying it doesn't feel real, but the beautiful light that was lady. Read is gone I love you. Baby I will miss you every day besides being wildly popular online. Online lady read couture was a well loved regular performer at venues like Hamburger Mary's in West Hollywood where she would describe herself to audiences as the largest live singing drag queen in captivity, always rumored to be cast on the next season Ru. Paul's drag race lady read wanted to be the first drag queen to blend drag burlesque and live singing on the show always known for Positivity Lady Read Love to mentor. Mentor and Mother many other performers and one of her last video messages on instagram. She spoke to the moment. We are all currently in I'm a black American Trans woman who is making a difference in the world and all I'm asking is that you love me like I love you. I shouldn't be afraid to go to the store after a certain time, because I'm black I shouldn't be afraid and neither should. Should you? We met lady read couture and Jonny McGovern at the Austin International Drag Festival in two, thousand, fourteen, where we did a back to back live podcast showcase, one of the most spectacular moments of the evening was lady reds performance of our signature song, rich white woman will never forget how warm and playful. She was with everyone she met. Please enjoy this encore. Presentation of our interview with lady read Qatar. Inch French pound for pound. Lady read. Couture may be as she calls herself the world's largest drag queen in captivity, but it's not just because of her size, but because she commands a room and fills our hearts with love as Jonny McGovern side cake on the fabulous talk show. Hey, queen lady ranked, keeps it real by throwing some legendary shade as she munches down stacks while sitting on her own couch today, we Kiki. Kiki with judge lady read couture about her new album stunt queen, her deep friendship with Jonny, McGovern, and the challenges, she's overcome to become the glorious person. She was always meant to be plus living full time as your own drag creation, the difference between shade and reading fans versus Lady Lovers and her close friendship with Latrice Royale and Jasmine Masters. I'm Fausto Fair knows I'm Mark Villian and this is feast of fun. Heads Chicken Wafa. This is Johnny speaking how may director. Call Johnny, I'm ready to get me. A twelve piece bucket of lady read couture, please. Boca, that's going to be thousand dollars. We cast only payable before you get your own. Can I put that on layaway. We don't accept layaway lady. Fred's fried. Chicken and Waffles hut now. I got me a gift certificate right here right now for five thousand dollars. Can Capture Yes sir. Sir Sir I'm not believing you'll bullshit. We don't have time for that ear leading Red Chicken and Waffle Hut. I. Don't have five thousand dollars. Well, the end this interview is going to cost you three dollars fifty cents. I got three bucks well. It'll do for now will accept it for just for one time your media. Yeah. It's going to be a Mandala or rules twenty minutes. That's it. Girl, I feel like I'm calling prison or something. You know it's like I'll accept the charges. Like all of them were sitting in the yard. All lady read in from the art. All right I'm going to hand over to the lady herself. And I'M GONNA go roll a blunt on the side all right I. don't try to trick her into saying no shady shit. All right I'll be. Right I wouldn't let me past you let me through to lady. Read please for Lady Red. Blue Red Roll. How are you doing good for Y'all? Honey honey. We are loving judge. Lady read couture. Your new web series. How do you find all these queens to air out their dirty laundry in front of you and have you arbitrate? What's right and what's wrong? Put out a post and I talked to all of the children and who wants to pretend to be popular, and that's how we get them. It's anyone. Come to you and say give you some bullshit and you're like honey. This is too much bullshit even for our show, not no better. No better come right or don't come at on. How you doing, you're trying to raise three thousand dollars to get your album out there. Yeah, this album be serious and I'm saying I'm not picked up by nobody like so I want to do it right I want to correct something that I can leave as a legacy. A LEGACY! We need to set a standard for these clean because that's finally where we need have yet. To really excited because I did get to see you perform rich white woman at the Austin International Drag. Festival in the children were eating it up. And it was fun looking forward to seeing that on the album. HONEY RICH! Why woman eight of the name of the album stunt queen guys because you know I am the oldest Iron Queen. I am so quick to pull his tail. y'All my business. I'm T-. Oh, I know we got. We. Had dinner at Taco Cabana on Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard Austin Texas. Queries with Ginger Manche. Johnny Mugabe. You and me. Who else was? There was a couple of the queen's their. Main, you know it was her. Her people there remember Oh. Yeah and. Jamie with a Taco place. Everybody was like this Taco places on Martin Luther. King Junior Boulevard in Austin, and it's not in the middle of a fucking ghetto. Co actually runs on. Nine! It was prideful. I felt so cluttered now one thing I remember with you for Austin and international drag. Festival is that you took a look at some very fine young men playing basketball. Court outside of Hotel Room and you said listen if I could men I could get them right now. Listen if you dangle food in front of hungry bear. What do you expect? A reason may say. Don't feed the bears when you go to the Damn Zoo. They mean that Shit. Oh, I, believe it. We call your bluff..

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