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News from. Australian researchers who say they managed protected entire city from a mosquito borne viral disease dengue and they say well around the world Hello this is David Austin with the BBC news the. Former vice president of the Democratic Republic of Congo Jean-Pierre Bemba is expected to return to the capital Kinshasa shortly after more than a decade in exile and prison Mr. Bemba was recently cleared of charges of war crimes and crimes. Against humanity by the international criminal, court Mr. Bemba has declared his intention to run into Simba's presidential election and soy reports Jean-Pierre Bemba's return. Is expected to shake up, politics in the Democratic Republic of Congo the ruling coalition has already stated that he will not be, eligible to run for president, since he. Was convicted of bribing witnesses of the international criminal court, candidates have one week to present the enemy. Nations to the electoral Commission Mr Bemba's party has selected him but he says he would support any other, opposition candidate with, counting, still continuing after Monday's elections in Zimbabwe the electoral commission now says the governing Zanu. PF, has won an outright majority of seats in, parliament is taken one hundred ten seats having performed strongly in rural areas from Harari Andrew Harding the results are still coming in but Zanu PF has not. One more. Than half the seats in Zimbabwe's parliament and could well secure a two thirds majority but there's no news. Yet about the presidential election and in private some foreign observers and diplomats of warning. The results could be close and could be testing for the country's fragile democracy the. Opposition MDC has already claimed that the vote is being rigged without providing hard evidence much now depends on whether the official results tally with the findings of independent local monitoring groups the number of senior politicians in Nigeria defecting from. President Muhammadu Buhari party the all, progressives congress continues to rise the president of the Senate because Sakari said on Tuesday He was joining the opposition People's Democratic Party at least fourteen senators and more than thirty members of the lower house left the, governing party. Last week and increasing discontent with, president Buhari's readership Australian researchers say that for the first time a whole city has been protected from the mosquito borne viral, disease dengue they said they were could protect people worldwide from Sydney, film Messa has more details the key to the Australian study is wall back here captive Brent mosquitoes that carried this. Naturally occurring bacteria were released in Townsville there they've mated with the pernicious Adia suggest species of mosquito and have blocked their ability to spray disease researchers from Monash University say they've been, no cases of locally transmitted dinghy in, the Queensland city since, the trial. Began in two thousand fourteen they say their methods would be suitable for other countries Phil Messer World news from the BBC the head of the Mexican. Airline AeroMexico says no one tied in the accidents suffered by one of its airliners because of the timely actions of the crew and passengers undress Canessa said they would work with your therapies to determine. The cause of the crash the aircraft went, down shortly after taking off from Durango in the north. Of Mexico A judge in the United States has, blocked the online distribution of blueprints for the three d. printing of guns in June. The Trump administration decided to allow the designs to be made available, several states went to court to stop their. Release Peter Bowes reports three d. printing is the process of making a physical object from three dimensional digital model homemade guns made almost entirely a. Three d. printed plastic components known as ghost guns, because they're unregistered untraceable and don't have serial numbers in. June the US government reached an agreement with a nonprofit group in Texas allowing it, legally to publish gun blueprints online a judge in Seattle said he was blocking the distribution plan because it could cause irreparable. Harm to US citizens a ban on wearing Muslim face veils in public comes into force. Today in Denmark the measure was passed by the Danish parliament in may protest is Is planned later involving both Muslim and non Muslim women wearing. The niqab in defiance of the law police are able to, water women wearing face coverings to leave public areas police in Sweden launched a search. Operation after daylight heist saw some of the country's crown Jews being, stolen from a cathedral near the capital Stockholm. Witnesses said they saw two men run out of string Ness cathedral at around midday on Tuesday to gold plated and Jewett encrusted crowns and an. All dating from the seventeenth century were reportedly taken, the men were seen jumping into a small white speedboat BBC news This.

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