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Dirk knew which now which ski in which case yeah the Vista Navid ski Derek Derek so I why do it on this list my car he say that what is this guy in like what is in like twenty eighteen are you talking about truck drivers oh my god I think I just talk about race of the year who is Eiji and yeah and so the only white dude on this list I believe as well me say I'm you tell me who is white all right I think is the only one dole Jabbar's not white Carlone new Kobe Bryant lebron James Michael Jordan wilt chamberlain Shaquille o'neal Moses Malone Elvin Hayes a key allies you one Oscar Robertson Dominique Wilkins Tim Duncan all peers John Havlicek is white right the tech stole the ball and he's number sixteen yeah so in the top sixteen is going to white dude have the check and know which gate all of them are foreigners right was have a Czech born in this country I'll double check I thought I thought he was eastern European love but born in Ohio Marty's very what about diet my no it's not no he's German okay there's only one white American dude in the top twenty that's gonna make him feel proud right it's a bit it's pretty big feet the white guy would be on that list pretty fly have a check I will check steals the ball I will check all right those very good Marv Albert thank you I'm Bob Albert got caught up with died women's underpants yep he was he was dressed in I I think I was wearing a dress and biting a woman hi I don't remember but I remember he was in a hotel room with me women's underwear on and and fighting a woman or something like that yeah is he'd be playing pleaded guilty in a sex case back in nineteen ninety seven he pleaded guilty to assault and battery that it that I mean the scroll down here yeah he was accused of throwing this woman on the bed repeatedly biting her on the back and forcing her to bed okay do it and then on to please Albert met her in a motel room wearing white panties and garter belt at the woman testified she escaped his clutches after ripping is to pay off really Montel please it makes you feel like a moron let you know that that's a very serious accusation is going on there I'm just going was that Lou he would do it can you get that high anymore and I'm sure you try nonsense there it's do it anymore under do it like you did it I can yeah I try to dress like my mom wow I wonder what the circumstances were right the end of the women said dressing rooms yeah I guess so yeah you don't be new there yeah we don't need that you know and there are doors anymore the east of doors now the curtains right some doors and it but that but they always have the now there there's no lock is no kidding you know because the law is the nub and it just gets now did not yeah you know I wanted on a lock on it lacked the get in there and it nude right then there are those clothes on are we did very well on our Instagram the other day thanks to our own December and this is a that was a pretty cool deal that she did for us eight thousand eight hundred and seventy views on our bionic woman that's a whole lot of people it is by there she goes after run from one another.

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