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Risk Assessment. Very very solid and anyway. Thank you so much for the insights regarding your bread and butter and GPS and data privacy and all those themes. Tonight's wants to switch the conversation to more personal element and I noticed Prior to this interview on your Social Media Your Lincoln You've said that you've always wanted to be a lawyer. And specifically an international lawyer. So could you walk us through that part of your journey? How did you know you always wanted to be a lawyer? And why international lawyer? Why did that fascinate you? An interesting question always wanting to be a lawyer died. Love solving problems in helping people so from very young age. I started looking into how that would be possible and I love the intellectual challenges of legal discussions negotiations and things like that and Y for national. I Dunno since I was very young. I've always been curious about different cultures and love meeting people from other places in my thing. You know it helps people making minimum basically sounds corny. That's Dodo League's going feel is going around and I think sharing values and experiences and backgrounds and different countries. Well it just helps everybody. A little bit helps me tremendously and I hope I can help other people too when I travel and it's just knowledge sharing values sharing absolutely absolutely. I think like you said a big advantage is I mean there's so many things that separate us on grounds of culture and race and religion and these other things I think it's very very impressive? Bad you've decided to use. Our international global diversity is a strength and trying to find.

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