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I'd never heard the young turks vegetation yes yeah all right all right as marotta what alfred hitchcock movie is this video based upon vertigo rear window rear window i would've said vertigo to what is he's like spinning or something isn't he well why do i the reason why i thought it was infatuation it was because the vertigo is about obsession and that's why i thought it would have been but that would have been too smart rear window but not like a it's about obsession of spying but this the vertigo is about the obsession of like a woman so that's why i thought rear window i gotta haven't seen this video in a long time now i wanna watch it mr i don't know why i asked i guess that was being a smart ass the multiple choice okay elda this is a perform this oh i don't know if we've ever had this one in our pop video run impersonate rods singing style on the song of your choice all right that's this is a good one i like that cats get an early larry kansas i can't even shooting choose any song on sell any of his or any song any song okay yeah i don't know what think fuller ever young it's not even him.

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