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It is opening day lives starting at nine AM. This Thursday sponsored by century foods outdoor living unlimited and Tae back law. Big basketball game tonight at Pfizer form, Greg Nazi because they're he'll have sports in a moment. Sponsored by our in our insurance. They are the knowledge brokers when it comes to professional grade performance gravely zero turn mowers made here in Wisconsin are built so last gravely MO the distance sales event March twenty second through the thirtieth is the biggest gravely sale of the year with savings up to twenty percent off select grade zero turn mowers you don't wanna miss this event. Spring means there's green grass. In the forecast yet, your new gravely lower and be ready to mow the distance gravely MO the distance sales event, March twenty second through thirty available the bills power center, Brookefield or Olson outdoor power equipment and mosquito the states number one car guy, Jim Griffin talks, candidly was John Mercure. Jim some people look for a pre owned vehicle. How can you tell if you're buying a good used car? John believe it or not I sell just as many pre owned cars is I do new cars, we inspect those cars. And if they earn up to our standards, we wholesale men get rid of, you know, if I'm buying a used car for someone in my family, maybe my son or daughter, or my mother, I want to know that the Griffin folks have put their is in hands on it and taken care of it and your pre certification does that it does we have multiple point inspections. But more importantly, we make sure that we put the right carseat on a lot. And if anything, unfortunately happens were there to take care of you stand behind one hundred percent all these pre certified vehicles. Absolutely. And that's. Great peace of mind. Visit Griffin Ford Waukesha Griffin Chevy and Griffin's hub Milwaukee Griffin. Ford Lincoln, fort Atkinson or Griffin Chrysler Dodge Jeep ram in Jefferson. Time for an update from Johnson Bank sports desk..

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