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340 points Movie theaters have a popcorn problem I'm Jeff label 1218 Traffic and weather on the 8s Rita Kessler and the traffic center While it seems as one incident clears another one escalates let's start out on eastbound 66 delays just approaching and passing one 23 they've managed to clear whatever is left of that earlier wreck Often to the construction zone on the left side So all the travel lanes have been reopened and that delay is nicely But then you're going to hit the delay before the beltway trying to head on to the beltway It is the outer loop after 66 state of the far left to get by the crash delays are from one 23 and off of both leaps of the beltway inner loop seems to be a rubber necking delay coming from route 50 headed toward 66 also reports of the northbound George Washington Parkway the crash was reported after the scenic overlooks That was where we had a mobile work crew and then someone ran into the back of the work crew and they had to stop all traffic There are reports that they may be diverting everybody northbound onto spout run Parkway So if you're traveling northbound from the airport or from the 14th street bridge just watch out you're probably going to be diverted off at spout run to work your way around Southbound Parkway delays headed toward one 23 watch for any work that may have set up there Also in the district southbound D.C. two 95 heavy from before burrows past east capital street northbound slows passing Pennsylvania avenue southbound I two 95 slows from the Douglas bridge headed actually from the 11th street bridge headed past the suitland Parkway headed toward Malcolm X avenue This was a paving project taking the right lane Silver diners spring menu has several new plant based options from the vegan and gluten free Thai cauliflower quinoa pasta to their dairy free shake silver diner dot com eat well be well I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic And now our hot forecast with storm team force Mike staniford Partly cloudy skies hot and muggy this afternoon there will be a risk of a thunderstorm highs will be in the mid to upper 90s close to the record high for this date For tonight.

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