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Semifinalist list. I'm Jeff claywell. Sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. George Wallace, what do you want to talk about? Let's talk about the new coach in Carolina, shall we? His name is Frank Reich. He has taken over a Panthers organization that thought maybe they would go with Steve Wilkes as the headman, but Frank Reich is taking over after 5 years with the Indianapolis Colts. He was also the very first quarterback in Carolina Panthers franchise history started the first three games. Now that team does need a quarterback as he is taking over in Carolina the first head coach to be hired, and we'll see what happens from there. The jets, 70 offensive court entered Nathaniel Hackett, he is comes from Denver where he was fired by the Broncos this past season after just half a year as a head coach. He was with Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers in 2019 to 21, Aaron Rodgers may be on the trade market. We'll have to wait and see if he ends up with the jets, but that's just fuel some speculation as Hackett hired by the jets today. Capitals are home tonight, penguins in town, the two teams tied at 56 points atop the wild card standings, Tom Wilson, no go this morning, Nicholas Bach from TJ oshie did skate and Alex Ovechkin was back on Saturday after missing one game, a caps have lost two stray wizards off till Saturday. They'll be in New Orleans, college hoops tonight, tenth ranked Maryland, the women's side, home to number 13 Michigan should be a good one. Tip off just after 6 30 and the Australian open American Tommy Paul into the semifinals, his next his reward, he gets to face Novak Djokovic. George Wallace, let me tell you. All right, George, thanks. Four 17. And asteroid, the size of a delivery truck is whizzing past earth tonight in one of the closest encounters ever recorded. NASA insists this will be a near miss and there's no chance it'll hit us. Space contributor Greg Redford joined us earlier last hour, in fact, to tell us just how close it will get. 2000 200 miles above the earth's surface. That is awful low. I mean, some of the low earth satellites, including International Space Station, are about 350 miles up, but this is one of the most discovered asteroid approaches that we've ever had because there could be other asteroids that we never did discover that could be closer. But this is definitely definitely close. Now one particularly perhaps unnerving part of all this, this asteroid was only discovered

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