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Sports play. I'm Jay Berman. We'll start with the NFL and the season is here. The regular season gets underway. Thursday night eagles and falcons that offending champs. Get the home game. And they get the win. Although it was sloppy eighteen to twelve the final score twenty six accepted penalties. Nick foles throws for just one hundred seventeen yards. But Jay Jao. He had two touchdown runs. Zacher had five catches on the falcons side. Matt Ryan throws for two hundred and fifty one yards. Most of it to Julio Jones Jones had ten catches for one hundred sixty nine yards. Falcon scored just one touchdown that came courtesy but seven Coleman run again eighteen twelve the final score eagles are wondering. Oh, and obviously the falcons fall to oh and one former Browns linebacker, Michael kendricks pleaded guilty to insider trading charges on Thursday. He's facing up to twenty five years in prison. These saints have released running back, Shane vereen for my are with a settlement. He now becomes a free agent. From the college game two players were victims of a drive by shooting in south Florida running back Anthony Jones offensive lineman. Marshawn Miller were both shot while visiting friends. They sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Police are still. Looking for the shooter? All right. The baseball we go. According to reports the Blue Jays and John Gibbons are said to be ready to part ways after the season again. That's according to sources those same Blue Jays. They lost to the Indians Thursday night nine two four. Jason kipness. Hit a home run. Franscisco Lindores hit two for Cleveland. Linda went four for five and drove in four cubs over the nationals intending six to four Padres beat the reds six two two Francisco me he had two home runs. The very first to love his career by turning our attention out of the US open women's semifinal action Thursday night. Serena Williams beat anesthesia's seven stove is six three six loves though. It's onto the finals fourth. Serena she'll meet Niamey Osaka of Japan. Osaka. Defeats the American Madison keys in that semifinal match. Six two six four BMW championship round number one third leg of the PGA tour playoffs tiger and Rory each shoot eight under sixty twos. They're tied atop the leaderboard. I'm Jay Berman. Injuries suspensions. Cuts and plenty more on fantasy football tomorrow night's. Ten eastern seven Pacific.

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