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We get into Pete's current plan. I'd like to quickly go through. Some healthcare industry donors to people to judge To nineteen in board these are all about. Between like two thousand thousand six thousand dollars executives at Decibel Therapeutics Truman Medical Centers ironwood pharmaceuticals Aztecs pharmaceuticals the director terrific anthem. Blue Cross Blue Shield and Norton healthcare. Surely they support single payer health shirley hair you know who else probably does spicer. If I know Pfizer. They love people having access to healthcare adventisthealth Cello Health Kaiser Foundation Asian health plan. These are just some of the many men get the idea. I believe you get the idea. Here is according to peace website. His Medicare for all want because health care is a human right guarantee universal coverage through Medicare for all who want the Medicare for all on public alternative will help. America reached universal coverage by providing an affordable insurance option to the currently uninsured. The Public Alternative Alternative will provide the same essential health benefits as those currently available on the marketplaces and ensure that everyone has access to high quality comprehensive offensive coverage. Love the word access. It's a good word. If you cut the word access out then it would just be saying everybody has a high quality healthcare coverage right had the word access. I wonder if that changes the meaning of the sentence. I you know what Robert Good Point I think it does it. Might it might does it might does I. It always frustrates me. This conversation Medicare for all who want and it just inherently means not medicare for all. Well Yeah it just means that people that participation whereas people can't afford it. I I imagine him sitting down with some guy going the early stages of insulin shock because he can't afford fourteen hundred dollars a month for his insulin because it costs more than his rent in being like do you want want healthcare and the guy saying like Yes for the love of God pleased him saying okay. Well you want healthcare. It's going to cost you fourteen hundred dollars a month. Do you have fourteen fourteen hundred dollars a month. No we didn't want healthcare. You had the access to it. You hear the offer but you didn't want it so you didn't want it enough. I wanted enough love. Yeah this is a an issue that I think other candidates could be a little stronger on communicating. The whole point is of insurance. Is that a Healthy people everybody pays in. You see healthy people also pay wealthy people also pay so that the sick people can get that access and if you have all these private insurance companies that are tied to your employment and then you have this public option of like well if you need it you have this. That's not going to be a very good plan. Because the people who have very good jobs and the good insurance paying into the Medicare and so that that will actually not get to what we want it to be One interesting sentence also on his website. The plan will automatically enroll individuals affordable coverage if they are eligible for it if they're eligible for it and yet at the very top it says because health care is a human right if healthcare eligible logistical than other than being alive and human interesting. I guess I guess we'll have to read the fine print so we have the right to a lawyer. Yeah and there's no eligibility there. You don't have to run through hoops anything other than you get a lawyer. Yeah and and so if you're saying healthcare human right but you're also putting in this way Maybe maybe you don't actually mean that. Don't actually mean that maybe don't actually mean that. Maybe you learned. He has a what's his definition of human. I feel like nobody's asking that maybe he has a very narrow definition of human that status certain income that is we have freedom of speech in the United States for humans. But you're not a human if you put on a mask. The police can fire tear-gas grenades into your skull. So maybe it's SORTA like that. Maybe maybe maybe maybe we'll have to ask is Pete when he's on this show for sure so I like to play one clip Real quick totally fully here Pete's approach to politics and just the utter smarmy that he uses when he talks about this issue. He's being asked by George. Stephanopoulos is your main argument against Medicare for all. Now how is that. It can't get past or that it won't work. And here's what Buddha judge has to say about that you used to be for broader Medicare for you didn't qualified at any way is your main arguments against Medicare for all now that it can't get past that it won't work. I think it could very well be the a long run destination but I think there's got to be some humility in our policy here Let's put this out there and see if it's really the best plan for everybody. I think it will be the best plan but I'm not willing to assume that it is the right plan for you out of Washington and order you to take whether you want to or not. If it's the right plan then everybody everybody will move to it until it is single player pair and if it's not the right plan for everybody then we're going to be really glad we didn't kick some Americans off their private plants. I'm thinking for example example but a lot of union members who fought negotiated for good plans. They have today. They don't WanNa have to abandon those plans because Washington tells them they must. I do that in four years or less. It doesn't make sense in the most important thing is we can get to universal healthcare coverage without putting America through all of that without kicking people off their private plans without Disagreements to the tune of ten or fifteen trillion dollars over how much this is gonNa cost which is equivalent to the entire. GDP of the country We have a plan that is affordable that has is paid for and that allows you to choose instead of Washington for you. And it's the boldest thing we will have done to American healthcare in a half century. What a politician's Titians answer the utter smart of that like I? The first thing he says is we have to have humility. The last thing he says it's the boldest plan we can and get in half a century. It's like so interesting how it doesn't quite make sense like yeah I think in the long run is very well. Could be but you know. Not if it's for everybody does. That's not what they want so we're going to have to wait and see what people want. Yes what are you saying. He's not saying anything anything. That's and that's the thing with this. Mackenzie nonsense you're not actually saying anything When he talks about humility what does he mean because he's also talking about a bold plan also speaking of humility? You were mayor for like two two times and I want to be the president of a country. It's an lamble very very humble. There's a phrase that he says the very beginning. I think it could very well be the long run destination right that so many qualifiers to not actually say anything. It's not saying anything about what you want. It's not this bold new plan. It's nothing and he's just a real piece of of wonderful politician. As I've said I am a judge. You guys want to know how many votes Pete has received in his life that that gave him the physician that he has. Unless you already know please I would guess under ten thousand votes eight thousand five hundred fifteen. What strength of eight hundred on a ticket? Talk to me. And we have to be fair to pete which is by saying that like the. The current president had zero votes ever before he became the president so we are in a different era. You know it is astounding thing. Yeah Yeah and in light of everything. We've already talked about how we've certain essays we've read from Pete Yeah He's the least bold person he's an empty vessel It really seems that is. He's got a lot of languages. Got Got a lot of languages I I think he's a very intelligently everything you're saying paints a picture of me a very intelligent very ambitious person who actually actually does believe things or at least did at one point but who believes more than anything else that he should be in office because that that's that's clearly like with sanders that's the whole point. The whole point of Buddha just essay on sanders is that Bernie. Sanders is a guy who the things he believes matter Mo.. Oh have always mattered more to him than the political viability.

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