Hong Kong activist Agnes Chow, media mogul Jimmy Lai released


Hong Kong, Several prominent activists and journalists arrested under a new national security law have been released after nearly two days in detention. They're accused of colluding with foreign forces. NPR's Emily Fang reports. The charge carries a maximum life prison sentence. Media mogul John Eli flashed a thumbs up to reporters as he was released from police custody. The publisher interment of one of Hong Kong's brashest pro democracy newspapers. I was among 10 individuals arrested on Monday under the new law. Livestream today showed by walking back into his newspaper office amid a standing ovation from employees. Agnes Chow, a 23 year old pro democracy activists, and Wilson Lee, a freelance journalist, were also released on bail. Child told Hong Kong reporters she had been unprepared for the sudden arrest and called the allegations should colluded Foreign forces on social media. Incomprehensible.

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