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I go. Good, but that's literal. I want to go everywhere and literally eat everything. I will try any food if it is. I've eaten things that aren't even food like on dares. So I'm willing to eat anything culture. What eat one thing I regret that lead make me which didn't make it was just like, how am I not gonna eat this? If it's there like it's presented in front of me, but what was that horse shoshee me and Japan. Yeah, yeah, we went to Japan was reading. We ate the squid. Yeah, you guys went to Japan and create a gather that can only imagine what that eating are would be like it was. So it was. And then another buddy of mine who had not met. I think before the and my buddy was like me and my buddy had gone to Europe together like the year before this we were doing. We're going on a trip once a year together and we went and we got back and he will regularly message me like the way you guys travel because it's all just food. And then what you're doing in between food and then food was no. He was like, this is the best. I can't believe I haven't been doing this. H I went to Barcelona for the first time this year, and it's literally the culture. Excuse me. The culture is walk somewhere eat and drink their walked to another place drink, and it's like snacks and cocktails was like e topless than chase the sandwich spot. The funny spot moving. We're gonna eat at this sandwich about that's in this neighborhood. It's cool. Let's stop at these four bars and on the way there. Yeah, we would get. We ate dinner at like eleven PM three nights and because we were just so full like dinnertime get down to southern Spain at all? No. Okay. Just in Barcelona, I think the greatest thing in the world. What's that that is go to any bar in southern Spain, kind of it's not profitable so are phasing it out. But for decades, if you order a drink, the order drink, get him free top. So it's just like you're just ordering drinks, but you're, you're getting full and it's just like some of the best food and like the meal gets the meal can't stop getting better, right, right there. There was a place in Williams where called crocodile lounge or it was alligator lounge and then crocodile lounge was the one in the east village that when you bought a pint of beer gave you a free personal pizza that they cooked and their pizza oven. I would never be going home being like I had six years and six. And I, I would wake up in the morning ways like so hung over and my mouth shredded from just like just the top of your mouth to rally executives buying the the hard crust and the super hot cheese jamming in my mouth after fucking every pint God, we barely talk about barbecue, but we ate so much by req-, holy shit guys. This was fantastic thrill. This is so awesome. And now I'm looking forward to going onto your podcast, whatever the hell garbage. Upbring kings Hawaiian. Stinky tofu sandwich, smear, light, mayo. This is the I haven't. Chris, you're sandwich. What was what's the name your pockets over? We're trying to like it around the campfire media network, and we're try it like at pod all over the internet. Try pod biggest are Instagram's the best that you can see our food. Ways you will think we're good..

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