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You know it's like there's there's nothing wrong with that the even the royals obviously they would want him to become a starter but they would probably be happy that they would at least get that. If that's kind of the floor type deal you know. I mean i think when you take a guy in the first round of its rafter. Getting relief floor my. That's i think you are hoping that. At least the floor because it punny easy to get just a busts so it's like guaranteed a ten year pro in the pen not that it would be all ten years with them. I think that's all right. But i didn't think that i didn't know that either. The outlook that some of the prospect folks had on co are. We know that he was in the minors killing it. You'll excellent and so you know there's nothing to draw from this. I start one way or the other. Frankly if he had had five quality innings there wouldn't have been too much to draw from it. But it's especially so when it's thirty nine inning. Dutt or thirty nine pinch done. That was clearly overtaken by nerve so said time with our. Let's see what happens this weekend. And we can bid accordingly Let's get to this breaking news here jack. Flaherty is going to be out to the all star break. At least with this with this oblique issue that he has. That's that's that's tough. That's a tough one there That's really gonna hurt the cards and that's gonna hurt fantasy folks here obvious question. Does he become at all cut or does he prioritize over. You know other a lot of other injured guys where you're finagling other guys and i maybe should come up with some examples of like. Who would you keep on your. I l. hammer him. But what do you think about flare now being out this song while up some other names to compare with for holding onto yeah. I don't think you can cut clarity. He was just too good prior to the injury in just took him to. I and i mean yeah. I just i. I can't think of a scenario in which i would cut him. I i really can't either especially with a lot of guys coming back like soto and yellow chair backs backs you only had to. I l spots. You'd put those to win and keep flaring the on a like so. Many other guys are coming back that it is tough to even concoct a scenario. Here you know if you have trout seager flare any. And i don't know police ac. Please tell you much much easier. So yeah i think no matter what. I'm sure there's one unique out there where somebody just has a devastation. But you gotta figure out a way to keep him and if that includes just cutting some solid player that you were hoping that you can hold onto. I think you have to do it. Because that's that's a month it's not. It's not good for flaherty. You're not about that. But you'd be a lot more unhappy if you gave your league a an ace for the second half of the season. Yeah absolutely. he's just gotta figure it out. It's a huge bummer. I think the one league earn two leagues ones dynasty league. Where i've been trying to get matt thompson to agree to trade him or something and now i'm pissed on. We're not talking anymore in the is cardinals. Fan by the way yeah and And then the other league It was with shelly Are tag team league. Where are our pocket. Aces were Were jack clarity. And zack gallon. So we soto clarity gal and have a really really good team behind that but it i. I don't know that it's going to work at home. That's painful man. That's really really painful. When you start off like that to feel like. I mean it's a great start on paper. And that's saying holy smokes. We are in a great position we got arguably the best hitter in baseball and two great pitchers and then soda struggles and then. The two pitchers find themselves on the i l. for extended periods of time. So again do everything. Can't hold flare andy and that includes cutting a lot of guys including these these upcoming guys here pretty easily testing here sent back down now your inclination might be the thing that this is nice but i promise you. It's not. he had sixty nine Upon his return from aaa and then found himself in a bit of tune now. He's backed down. Do we have to fundamentally. Change our expectations of casting here. At this point i think so because i mean even when we were thinking he was kind of locked in top ten second baseman i think part of the thinking was yeah. He's gonna have ups and downs because the profile you know isn't a very good approach. But he's locked in right. There's no way the brewers would like give away his playing time much less send out analysis him down twice. Yeah dude like i agree you figure okay. There could be some pain with the batting average. But you're going to volume your way to enough power and some chip in steals. And you know this is not the thing that i was correct or then i called it to this degree but i was nervous on here but again i was still there with like okay. He will meander his way to mid twenties homers and a handful of steals probably in the double digit range if he ran And at least upwards of eight nine and here you are now with the homer a steal a one thirty average for one hundred twenty two appearances and cut. I think he's got across all formats absolutely. Yeah i don't even think it's a question at this point with fifteen teams. He cut him. He's got to get right and then this becomes a bigger issue with his overall outlook. Just because you're talking about a guy who At second base the bat was carrying him because his defense was never good now. You're talking about him at first base where the bat has to be there. He's listed six feet which means there's no chance that he is nobody's just expe- you're lying if you say you are. He's clearly five ten so and there is a thing about the profile first basement being bigger not so much for the power output but for the position of being able to make the maneuvers of of catching the the different throws from guys. So is his future in doubt in terms of being a full-time player. I think at this point at ashby right scary. I think he is right. I mean obviously. He's still young enough. He's going to be twenty five here in like Two months or something aetna. You know. I'm not given up on him completely but right. Now you're looking at him as one of those under a wilmer flores types. Oh yeah i think. That's that's where you're at within with with worst defensibility so like it'll be even harder for him to stick lineup. Yup i think that's a good way to put it and It's it's tough from far. He's fallen because he had that. Nineteen homer nine steel. Eighty four game run to start his career back in nineteen within three. Oh three average and it looked like here. We go man. The average might come down because the babington strikeout rate well the average plummeted and just can't sustain everything else he just he just swings and misses too much and it's pretty clear the way he works with here to because when he makes contact the absolutely brutalizes.

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