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I mean, I think you imagine an opening do that Metroid Prime games, but I don't think nearly to the extent that were suing like like like an Assassin's Creed game is right now, for example, okay, or like you know me, I think it'd be cool to make a Metroid game like actually suck at make a Metroid game in the style of Mass Effect third person shooter fucking yeah, like open open world space Space Traffic would be talking incredible. That would be amazing almost immediately. Most importantly we need Metroid golf. I mean I placed would it be frisbee golf cuz they shoot the shoot the frisbee. Why did Mario Golf but on Venice should be what if they did Mario golf majors made the tendo golf. So all the different courses are different themes based on different jobs. I mean like just like doing a golf game. It's like literally all the all the major characters a brinstar level. Yeah. Let me fucking sick the water trouble with your friend the water. The waters would be would be fucking sick the the floors 10. Don't go put your friends. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, there's so many good Nintendo ideas wise that sounds so good Nintendo you listen to our FAQs are fucking make this shit. And it wasn't luck. Yeah, I know. So yeah that's going to do it for this episode of the VCR podcast aka the oh my God, we love Mario games so much. Why can't Nintendo put them everywhere? So we don't have to buy more consoles because there's a shutdown we never played before. Yeah, there's definitely a lot that we have sort of up to them. But you know, it was back in the day, especially a lot of those games. I was back in the day when we didn't have the reins of what we could spend our money on. So, yeah, we kind of missed out on a few things we have money. Yeah, that's for in these in these trying times. I mean Chris is about to have a big influx of money before he spends it again, but you know, yeah, here's some money. Just kidding. But it goes but I'm just saying Cash for Life bro cash4life. I wish I want that to happen man in the VCR podcast. Thank you so much for checking us out. If you are listening on an audio service after this thing has been already uploaded. I apologize for forgetting to put the the new the last week's episode up until yesterday. Oops. That's that's my bad. But if you are listening this hopefully a couple of days after we stream this knock on all the would if you were listening to some any service..

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