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You're looking around while they plan to music jump around. Man. How's the pain who was this has got to whole crowd book? I'm seeing alumni. And I mean, that's alumni jump around people that have jumped in a long time. The home whites with the baby. Blue trim Duke with the black jerseys with the blue devil, Royal billing out the numbers Marquis Bolden wins the tip. It's controlled by Cam reddish handed the trae Jones and the blue devils. We'll have it. I to a chorus ACLU's. They'll move to the basket to our right Jones. Pops out of the wing looking for RJ bear to the mid most. Instead a reversal back to the nearside, Alex. O'connell dribbles into the paint. Didn't look at the hoop and set back out RJ Barrett. The floater from the dotted line is good a Duke, scratches. I tell you it's really not to step his game up today in this North Carolina team from getting penetration. The big hair of Kobe white brings it into the back court. Now has it off the Cameron Johnson Johnson had twenty six. That's a very efficient twenty six per Jonsson. Mid boasted. Does Luke maye double team comes right away. We'll skip it to the nearside getting Williamsville bottle three. No good hits the rebound. The North Carolina's Cameron Johnson. You'll reset the Gobi white hesitation step. Berries, the three three two to North Carolina. Will you know, he's on the court. He's gonna get it going. This is wonderful games. That you figured you'll step up really will be white struggled with six turnovers in the last match up against the defense of Titus Jones and Duke driving his cameras Bill scripted goes off his leg and skidders balance on the baseline turnover gives it to North Carolina. No, the focal point is trying to get Jay Baer to get the ball up in the defense of the tar heels is gonna make sure that they got bodies. And is right in those talks to the wing gives to Kenny Williams in the far corner. Deep on the right side. William Dixon side. Now swings. Garrison brooks. Luke maye Papa to the point. He'll fire the long three. No, good the rebound. Alex O'Connell locking out on the weak side blames the care. I'm in front of Cameron Johnson. I had the trae Jones times you gotta move that basketball better shot Jones of the nice pass RJ. Barry. Missed the three. Neither of these teams shot the three very well. In the first matchup mate dribble. Nearly it away. Jacoby davis. Is it off the backboard? Get him off the boards. He's always going to be working to get on a bat. On that. Backboard five the two Carolina with the early lead on Duke just under eighteen to play. If you do and your fans, you're worried that all of a sudden you're seeing Carolina with two offense rebounds on the previous possession that looks know your ball tipped out of bounds on the baseline on that skip pass by j Barrett. It stays with Duke to our right trade Jones will trigger it in on the baseline box out long shots, long rebounds Jones will trigger it in kept in the front court to Alex O'Connell now Jones on the wing Jones wonderful to the base line. Now crosses over to the left handed. Trouble. A lot of pressure defense handed off Dr Jaeger now back to Alex Ronald rise and fire three. No good. Kenny williams. The shooting guard of the weak side. Rebound good. Look ahead to garrison raw. As it blocked, but a whistle and a foul and Mark lease and went down hard and he's down and he's down for the count. He went up, and he hit the post of the basket. Wow. Got to really be kind of worried right now. That looked really bad it Marquis. Bolden went up. And it was a great contest. But he is down under the backboard. Now, they're you know, they have the towels around. They don't want anybody looking in. That's not a good sign when they got towels around the guy, and you got to look into referees of very concerned. So this right here kind of look at this and say this is ABC tournament, and if you're going into battle and also trying.

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