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And in Central Mass. The site of the iconic Brimfield flea market has been sold just as flea markets and summer shows are slowly getting back to life. New buyer of the space says the shows will be allowed to go back on. But plans are also in the works to add a film studio on that site. Well, maybe you're getting ready to take that summer vacation. A lot of us just needs some time away. After all the pandemic and everything else that happened If you are getting ready, though, Keep this in mind if you're going by plane once you get to the airport, you might have to wait a bit longer than usual. Heads up for travelers. The T S a is warning about staffing shortages at more than 130 airports this summer, the problem so bad. He s a office workers are now being asked to volunteer for airport duty. With more Americans traveling again. Airports are busier Wait. Times are longer and the T s a is under pressure. Some flyers now being told to arrive three hours before their flight that report from ABC's Andrea Fuji. Also when it comes to driving, getting a ride share these days in Boston, not the easiest thing to do. Lots of reports on social media. These days, people just not able to get a ride share, especially late at night supply, not there to meet the demand as people head back out for nightlife. Both lived in Uber, though, say they're working hard to hire drivers back who quit during the pandemic to try to woo drivers back lift recorded its own version of undercover boss, the company's co founder, posing as a driver to see if he would make more money moving people. Or food. They say he made more money with people than food, but drivers coming back that's incredibly busy and driver earnings are elevated in some markets have hit all time highs. Meanwhile, uber, saying it's launching a $250 million driver stimulus to boost earnings for drivers and adding more incentives to bring drivers back and CBC's Geo Benitez's Freddie. The Labradoodle is a first net therapy dog. And he's getting to work as part of a program with 18 T. That helps get therapy dogs to first responders when they need a little extra support. John M. R A is a T and T s New England president, he says. This is all part of a bigger effort. We have different assets that we deploy at times of crisis. So if there's a tornado or hurricane, for example, will bring in.

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