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When I make sure they both stand the sanction, especially amateur fight being both move around and make some money. See. They can both move around. Make some money you're not. My money. I'm sure there's GonNa be times heats up. Raise jobs going to be put in. Put the ice back out without having to kill the whole thing? Says leaving it up to the REF to do it. I'm just not into it. Man, yeah. There are even base. Start going to be scored. Their Vegas odds yeah agree. Nobody has to worry about me getting rich again. Just about doing this remind not getting anything feel good because I can. yeah I it just right. I don't know I. Don't know either I still watch it though. It almost be bad. If what? What's alarming to me is Andy Foster in them. Saying this, it's like. Don't expect the real fight that sounds like. Fuck Yeah. Can't pay for that. All right next one could be is actually back in the Jim again. According to some these pictures here Let's get to here. Yeah, and then definitely I can't imagine he's going through right now. And also I think Leo. Adelaziz mentioned that could be passed two more fights in them, and he's GonNa retire so. One of the main things was I guess his father has wish was that that could be would be thirty in Oh and then retire, so he's twenty eight right now twenty eight now. So, parents site so you're gonNA. Get it just engaged she. What's his last one The fight was scheduled for September may or may not be pushed back interesting. When we know you're going to get gay trendy. That's a close fight. Get a rematch with that though. Because I mean Frickin. Ferguson we wanted so badly, but that just seems like it's never going to happen. I and also got destroyed by dingy. we solved by dozen poor, a song fight car. Hooker Who Else is there then? I. Bet you get McGregor. Fi Jenner depending how that gate you fight goes. You Ain't gonNA McGregor fight that. Already that's go. Oh this is a post at Dana White did apparently this guy's eighty years old shook him up. Put. Mouth Offices eight-year-old and see what happens. Look Asian to you. Danny Green, Danny Green Dot box, but That's my first trainer. Mate now got my son with him. He's a David. Jesus Christ. That's pretty dope. All this I thought was interesting. I think you mentioned something about this before. When people go to Thailand, other places to you don't get tested so quits. Guy Who's like a I think she's a featherweight or battle wishes, bantamweight and you'll see. She said that her and Tiago Santos spent two months in Russia and then six in Brazil Rusada, did not them once my first week in the US and I've already been tested. Makes you wonder if athletes train outside the United States are being tested regularly. Telling you, that's gotTa. BE A. Tougher. Tougher. Well there you go. I. Know You want this fight. You want this rematch, but Alexander Volkov Skis saying that the rematch. Holloway would be silly because you know. He wanted twice already. You know what's tough is. It's not up to him. I know he's not big enough. Champ to make these demands. The AFC wants that third fight. You'RE GONNA. Get that third fight. At this point right now, it doesn't make sense woken off. She said to win back to back. I'd say that I wanted to beat him decisively off. Selena, to the fight trend hype the fight up, but we all know Max durable, so we're well aware that taking him out. It's difficult to do, but same time. The majority of the rounds of the two five skills show that one seven or eight of them. Again very beverage got credit, but Went in to back to back. It would be silly to a rematch. I don't think so. I disagree yeah I think we need to. And that chapter with another fight degree. Are. Your Boys Neil Magny is fighting Jeff Neo Texas steakhouse. Dude, you gotTA fight Helje. Them delicious him. At the Texas, Roadhouse, nice by Neil Magny. you know new lost his last fight to this fucking, not a great fight for Neil Magny. If you're new Magni Fan. Good for Neil for the. The other Neil forgive fight. Though yeah hope we can quit worked out the Texas Ryan. What the hell paint, so he can stop being a fucking waiter at takes throat ranked. Fighter to. All right This one's interesting during the Germain. Durant emmy versus grow join an opinion. Penny coming off. The back show to fight recent last year, so she had two year break, and then last year had mom strength. Her. Tough fight for opinion definitely. I think I just have one more event here. Let's see. Quick one does Johnny Walker. He's GonNa Fight Ryan Span and I didn't really pay attention to Ryan Span. But he's been on like a eight five win streak. Yeah, not the easiest fight for Johnny Walker at all. Yeah, he's starched. Little Dog. In two minutes Yeah Yeah. That's a fun fight, though really fun fight. That's the guidelines. Patrick there. They'll rise fans phenomenal. Yeah, he's fun to watch. That's a great fight man. Not a great fight for Johnny Walker. That's a tough one very tough. All right I think what we have left are the fights. Their Saudi UFC, bring it to you again. Again for a fight night it's a great car dude to great. Britain versa Shabazz Ian. has no frigate Hind Shabazz. You and I think he's the the dark horse of the division in a stack division. I talked to Nick Davis producer King, the sting him gives you those fucking epic fight picks. and. Meet meet him the only thing we agreed on. said that he goes I'd stay away from it. You know Dare coming off his last win it's very similar to Edmund Style. The guys actually not as good, but he did beat that guy. you know Shahbazi and being a I think was minus three hundred some shit like that minus three hundred decent size favorite. He will win, but IF YOU WANNA make money like the over a on rounds. I think it's one half rounds, or is it two and a half rounds two a half rounds I think it does go to decision. Here's a thing with these with these guys. These young lines you hope become these superstars and you're watching right now. It's my favorite part of the fight game. SHABAZZ IAN is is the future the especially in that division. It's a tough task for a man. It's a very tough test for him. Dick runs is no punk. He's in. Do it for a hot fucking second but you beat him and you're right there. You beat it. It's off to the fucking races so for Shabazz. Look at what he's done what he did to Brad Taveras. And Brad is as tough as they come in that Just you know, beat him. You know you. You deserve to get a rank guy, Brad Brad Za town to town to dude. He Starts Brandt of ours so. You know I like this test for Museum Shabazz Ian. Steph. It's it's the right step. It's a great step. It's not gonNA. Be a quick one. Is just off to the fucking racist far superstar Shabazz and. he's your Dark Orson that middleweight division man. He's a motherfucker, goddamn skilled great made event. Great you. You want to Nancy. If his Shahbazi in the real deal. We're GONNA. Find out against Derek Brunson. Find out you're GONNA find out man, bobby green verse. VENETA is first team. All entertainment that you find the night. Luke gave.

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