Villanova, Texas, Phil Booth discussed on Courtside with Seth Greenberg


No he's not he's not going anywhere now i mean he never go into big twelve 'cause 'cause if you were this seemed like the year right i mean no but he not going anywhere and congratulations to him is team they got up can look when when you get up and you're playing villanova does it really matter like the only thing that really matters against villanova is if possible you can stay together you know for forty minutes and make shots at the end to beat him but yes they couldn't do it they couldn't beat villanova it wasn't it wasn't on texas tech they couldn't beat villanova quite frankly i thought it was on villanova that texas tech couldn't beat villanovan yeah i don't think chris beards i think he's absolutely great villanova was villanova since they've gotten booth let me throw this let me ask you this villanova was villanova mine is making all their shots that's what i was getting you know why because now with phil booth back their defense is totally different with phil booth back there they're giving up like eight fewer points a game they're running people off the three their limit people to one shot and ing one mature physical experienced defender who can guard the ball art now all of a sudden even chances coming off the bench he can do what he does they are really good defensively right now not fancy they can extend to that little soft threequarter korkut stuff but keep you in front they don't get splits they contest shots they protect the rim and just in general j right did this weekend west virginia they struggle a bit early they they got their composure moving spelman all over the place taking cannot they away from the basket.

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