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We are on week three field. Yates matthew berry Inbounding up here. Thank god ron week. Three what do you say that you know what i just want to. I want to say like. I like to give you a hard time like to like to poke a little bit. Have have some fun with you. You know alex you the same way in do indeed you do. Congratulations to you mason. Crosby not come up with ten points last night. He only with five daniels crappy detroit. Lions get a stop i called. It could not get a stop. Except when the packers were on their own side of the field said they were going be too efficient matthew. I thought they could get at least one or two field goals. It is what it like. What are you going to do. I mean anyway whatever. I came up four point short. I lost a feel gates in the war room leak by four points. I despite having what. I believed to be one of the better teams in the league. Well this ally emo- until team in that league despite having like a really like i've you know you had a high score against me and week one. Mina kimes had a good score high score against in week number one and And of course ryan fitzpatrick quarterback and he got injured in that game. And i lost amina two by six points or something like that. What long season. Here's what i take away from this. Here's what i take away from this. However just i'm gonna give this. I think this is good advice for anyone that own to in a particular league right. I was thinking like drinking like no line. I get a sixteen team league last year. I lead wire-to-wire. I was the number one going into the playoffs. I was the number one seed. I had the highest points in the league loss. In the first round i played camakers second high scoring the in the first week of the playoffs but lost because the guy played the eighth seed the person who ultimately ended up winning the war room league glass and a lot of words for the team that scored more points than you. I'm just trying to figure out what the scores hang. Hang on okay. all right all right. The team that won the league last year started one and three snuck into the playoffs as the eighth seed on a tiebreaker and ultimately ended up winning the league. Just all i'm saying is to to a long season and that if you own to make no mistake you don't have a lot of room for. I need a win. This week with three is not great but like if you can get into. You're fine you're fine so it's just. It's not time to panic just yet. It's time to bail on your team. It's not time.

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