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This is a fort shaped like a madora right. A minora oil lamp. That's a four. That was missing drawing from the army corps of engineers from eighteen twenty three in fort Fort works basically Ford itself is no longer there. But you can see that where the outline of the of the palisade would have been and whatnot the the the the outline of the old ford. This is eighteen. Twenty three in ohio and for folks to somebody's just interject for folks who can't say because most people's listen to this show don't watch it but The the minority is clearly clearly. Can't be anything else in this drawing and even the lamp can't be anything else so This is gonna kinda launches into a really interesting discussion but again i just wanted to emphasize eighteen. Twenty four army corps of engineers. Where did you find this document. The internet's great thing that a generation ago alex you i couldn't have done this research. It would have been impossible. You would have to go down in washington. Dc and and and crawl your way through the through the stacks and mike profusion whatnot. But everything's been digitized now so if you wanna look at army corps of engineers drawings go find him and it's really has made i get the question all the time. How come. we're just learning about a second century. Roman occupation or aspiration of america and the answer. Is the clues have always been out there. But individual research has been able to put their hands around or the one or two east of it because it was also scattered and spread out now with the internet. Someone like myself and come along. And and i can find fifteen or twenty artifacts incites in the matter of a few weeks on the internet whereas you know thirty years ago when it's taken me decades to do that. Yeah that's that's cool. I mean totally. I think there's a another reason for it. It's the obvious. Reason is that there's a narrative that people are following and You know if. I want to switch a little bit from talking about this excellent book that i really do want people to check out r- america because the research. I think you'll find if all intrigued by this point half hour into this interview that he got to read the book. Because it's all there all the links are there all the information's there. But i wanna try and pull the in a little bit of a different direction for selfish reasons for this project that i'm doing because what intrigued me about rx. America was second century. Rome and this strange relationship that it reveals about the relationship between the roman military and kind of a breakout of that the relationship between judea and rome but also before we even get there. I wanna go back to what you just said. I really suspicious because of my investigation. Science is that the extent to which this narrative is intentionally being controlled which is really kind of as we talked about the pre columbian thing but even controlled in the sense that you couldn't have written this. I'm not so sure you could have written this as a nonfiction book. What will you certainly if you were an academic historian you couldn't have written it and it's just what does that say about.

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