Barack Obama, President Trump, Anna Lindh discussed on Pat Gray Unleashed


It's the letter i then target pro dot com go there and watched the video it's pretty amazing it uses your cell phone you look it up to the target emphasis in front of the target and then you have a proprietary at that uses the laser in place of the bullets hoods not going through your walls and it'll detect exactly where your shots are landing you see it here it it's really cool and right now you can save ten percent with the offer goat pat when you purchase the i target pro system competitive shooters dry fire ten times more than they live fire it's just it's just less expensive and it takes you it takes your skill to the next level so you don't have to go to the gun range you don't have to pay the range fees you don't have to buy all the gammo save money save time and get proficient with your gun safely and effectively at home so convenient so great it's the letter i then target pro dot com i target pro dot com gray on the blaze radio network the have gray gene triple eight nine hundred thirty three 93 the other things going on to barack obama did some kind of secrets sports speech although have you seen anything on i have not at all he did as a speech four this sloan sports anna lindh analytics conference in every buddy there was told to keep it secret i don't know why what cut his secret sports stuff is barack obama going to tell you i don't know that he knows anything related to sports i don't either so that's where we can keep it down in a bizarre demand the mit sloan sports analytics conference apparently called for attendees of obama's speech which took place inside the boston convention and exhibition centre to keep it a secret the forty four th president of the united states braga bunel will address the two thousand eighteen sloan sports analytics conference february twenty third two thousand eighteen and in says the place lifelong sports like this a lifelong sports fan an athlete no no barack obama was not an athlete president obama will address a wide range of subjects and his talk from his most memorable moment.

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