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And that would cross the Fremont canyon bridge. Kennedy and Jenkins were whispering to each other. And Becky was begging them not to whisper and to tell them what they were saying because you know, the whispering. Of course, you're going to think what the hell are they talking about? Right. Well, I'm getting worried right? Yeah. The name. He whispered the Becky Becky if we ever get through this on never be greedy again. So it seems that to Amy going to the store to buy candy for herself with somehow the cause of their ordeal. This just makes me wanna cry doesn't it? This little girl was blaming herself in Becky Toler, Amy. It's not your fucking head off. Don't worry. Then the car's headlights flashed across the steel of a bridge Jenkins drove across the bridge, slowly and parked on a narrow dirt road at the far end of the bridge. Yeah. And then he said, okay here we are. And he said that they couldn't both go in at the same time. So both the girls were begging him to let them go together and Kennedy opened his door and the dome light showed Becky swollen bruised and bloody face. So this was the first time that Amy really saw how bad becky's face looked. And she screamed Kennedy handed Becky is open beer can. And she took a sip from the can then Kennedy told Amy to get out of the car and come with him at this point, Amy stopped crying. And she said, okay. Becky, she crawled over her sister becky's lap and got out of the door that Kennedy was holding. And she told her sister that she loved her. And this was the last time that Becky would ever see Amy as she was dragged away from that car, then Kennedy came back, and he was only gone a couple of minutes. He told Becky that her little sister was talking to the man and then. He said we're supposed to go up the road a bit. And wait for a signal then we'll come back down when it's your turn to talk to him. So Jenkins started up the car and the two men were whispering again, Becky, begged them not to whisper at this point. She's hysterical. They drove about one hundred and fifty yards up the road and stopped the car, then Kennedy Andreas and climbed into the back seat. He took off becky's close. She pushed him away trying to block his hands. But he tore off her Bronner panties. And he climbed on top of her Becky told him she'd never had intercourse before, but he raped her. It was very painful, but he really seemed to enjoy her suffering the more she seemed in pain the more. He liked it Jenkins who'd been sitting in the front smoking a cigarette and watching this rape got out of the car climbed in the back, and he also raped Becky. When they were finished with that Becky asked if she could get dressed, she thanked them for not letting her little sister, see the rape Jenkins got back in the car and started it then he backed down the doctor road to the spot where they first stopped where Kennedy had taken Amy out of the car and disappeared for a few minutes. So at this point becky's thinking, she's going to see her little sister, they raped her. And then maybe heard a little sister will be able to go home. But that isn't what happened at all. The men parked beside an old outhouse Jenkins shut off the car in both men got out. Now the night was pitch black hannidy and Jenkins stood on either side of the car door as Becky got out of the car, and they each took one of her arms and walked her into the darkness at the bridge less than thirty steps from the car. Kennedy spoke he said, okay, we're going to meet Amy right here. Now, he said here is if this was their queue because on the word here, both of the men grabbed her and tried to lift her over the guardrail. It was only three feet high. But they couldn't get her over it. So they weren't very strong, but she fought them with all of her strength. They couldn't get her to let go of the rail. So Jenkins began choking her. Jenkins. Make sure she's gonna die..

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