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Coming up here just momentarily six thirty one right now this is the komal morning news and it's forty two degrees in seattle right now we're expecting plenty of sunshine today i gregg hersholt i'm manda is off this morning these are some of our top stories from the komo twenty four seven news center we're hearing from lake stevens nurse who was at that concert in las vegas when the gunfire rang out and she says she prepared herself for what it would feel like to be shot komos carleen johnson is here to share some more of her thoughts us she is thirty five year old chelsea lay some mary just five months ago she was with a group of girlfriend's down at the country music festival having the best time and tell the gunfire rained down just says it took several seconds to realize what was happening and they knew they need to do ron he didn't move you're going to get we started running and i look over on my active cpr and and the gun she described running for their lives then with the shots would start up again they would crowd slow and get behind anything they could find ended up inside the chop a cana hotel hiding behind the bar crushed by panic people all huddled together she said she thought she was going to die right there this dress a people and how you can think the suitor comey honestly fifty shares it was much higher leith them is a registered nurse at the everett clinic a friend that was with her amy also a nurse stayed behind it helped people triage putting an ivs and closing wounds and found out the next day that she was doing all that with a broken wrist because she too had been trampled carleen johnson come on news also hearing a more from a north bend couple of especially a woman who was shot during that concert she hopes to be home from the hospital soon alicia johnston were just thirty yards away from center stage when the gunfire erupted nick says when they realised alicia had been shot he picked her up ran at jumped offence to escape the gunfire it was terrifying shop.

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