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Bonds from nyc. Colin Kaepernick, I mean, waiting for sneak accompany can make this move. I thought Adidas Puma would have done it. But cap has been signed in nyc this Nike this whole time, and he just didn't know what to do with him. And I applaud them for not reacting to evil and bigotry and not dropping him because of the pressure of the president and other racists, bigots, who once again are using patriotism to disguise their prejudice for black and Brown people that silhouette of cap taking a knee with the afro in the number seven, which is God's number that logo has the potential to one day one day be as big as Jordan, jump, man. That's just my opinion. Now for the past two years people have been making their own cabinet Caparo with that silhouette and caps lightness. So it would be extremely stupid for nyc or any company to leave that kind of money and that kind of support on the table so saluted him, but back to John Richard big and rich John Richfield like the deal is an insult to law enforcement and military, veterans everywhere. Okay. And he he pointed to the incident with cabinet warpath socks feature. During a pig. Dressed up in a police uniform John rich tweeted out, hey, Nike shoes. Make the pig. Socks to match. Right. Come on people will love that. And then he tweeted Dale makes me say now Colin Kaepernick, explain those pig socks before. And he said, and I quote, I wore those socks in the past because the role cops that are allowed to hold positions in police departments. Not only put the community endangered, but also put the cops that have put that have the right intentions endangered by creating an environment of tension and mistrust. So these socks didn't represent all cops. They represent the cops who are abusing their power and taking the lives of a non citizens in this country. Now, John rich wasn't. He tweeted a pick of his band's sound man with the caption just cut tonight Swoosh off the sats. Former marine get ready at nyc multiply that by the millions citizens, my problem it amazes me. There's been almost two years and all these biggest automatic happening kneeling still wanna discuss everything. Except why he took a knee in the first place you here are seeing over and over we are protesting the injustice that black and Brown people face at the hands of the police, but you keep acting like you don't hear us because you don't want to hear us. How are you going to bring up his socks depicting caps in police uniforms, but not acknowledged why he would wear socks you think he's being disrespectful for the sake of being disrespectful now, he's disrespecting the rogue officers bad police officers who are disrespecting us. And then the other deflection. Which is also the most interesting to me that Colin cabinet is disrespecting the military and his veterans by taking a knee for the flag. Even though Colin Kaepernick before protesting. Why do we have to keep telling you this over and over before protests and he sat down with former Seahawks player in green beret net Nate Boyer to discuss the most respectful way to protest in Nate told him to take a knee. All right. A military vet told him the most respectful way to protest taking a knee. If Collin cabinet went to a military vet the figure out the most respectful peaceful way to protests in the military fat. Told him told him to do that. Why do you all keep back in like he is purposely trying to disrespect those in the military when he did his due diligence on how to be respectful, John rich and every other big out there using patriotism, the disguise their prejudice for black and Brown people smack it off, okay because fake patriotic people in this country. Turn a blind eye to the real reason cabinet took a knee the same way, they turn a blind eye the homeless hungry military, vets when they approached their call for some change. Okay. America teachers veterans like traffic, there should be no homeless veterans at you fight for this country. You should your free room and board for the rest of your life. You should never have to pay taxes again, and you should get some type of stipend from check every month, you can pay your bills and keep some food in your stomach. But no, so many veterans do out America off of this country. And all do is getting Nord by the same patriotic patriotic air, quote, same patriotic people who think Colin cabinet is disrespecting the flag. How you care more about the flag. Then you do the actual people who fought for it. I really want John rich of big and rich and all the other racists, bigots out there. Mad that cap. It is deal. I want you to think about this. If you saw the American flag on fire and a black or Brown personnel. File and you had a fire extinguisher, and you can only put out one if you even have to think about which one you would put out and stop acting like caps perceived anti patriotism is the problem because it's not issue prejudice. That's the problem. And Cowan cabinet makes you upset or makes you feel uncomfortable because of the stand that he has taken against police brutality. Then you are part of the problem is well, please give John rich of big and rich the biggest. Yes. Well, thank you for that. Donkey today. Now, let's talk about something else that has a are white co workers in white friends here at the breakfast club. Got there fruit of the looms all invoice this morning last rally. We just had a I had to calm everybody down in the room. It Gotti eat it. Right. They were talking about something very serious. We were talking about Kevin gates kissing his dog. Yes. I do. We have a video clip, Tennessee. Mitch's dog. A dog has a bacteria in his mouth that kill germs adult mouth clean humor. Now, we had I I wasn't even really in on the discussion. I was just listening because they got called nasty by one of our producers anybody that kisses the dog is nasty. Correct. And my gosh, Nick in Dan drama, whose Puerto Rican and white lost their minds. I was like look. Hey, guys, come down you want to get you dogging her mouth fine. Okay. So let's open up the phone lines. Eight hundred five eight five one oh, five one. Do you kiss your dog in the mouth? Do you? See a problem with kissing your dog in the mouth. Now, I have a German shepherd in Belgium, Iowa and things. By the way, that Belgian Molly wa I would definitely I would definitely put that among oh. That sounds whoa. We'll talk goes some sharply. We'll talk about it. When we come back eight hundred five eight five one zero five when do you kiss your dog.

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