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Valenciennes zoom's with you big news day i mean this mix the jewish and continues to just be feeder the absurd the second thoughts i i saw with a great piece in the in the news the the yankees stuff we'll get your ardian about an hour potato look done for the year tommy john i feel bad for the kid i know we always focus on the team and wins and losses the human element i feel terrible for a magic guide a free agent year that's a disaster but i don't think it's a death blow to the season and i know you don't neither and it's this idea of okay whether it's mitchell adams green of any permutation of whoever they choose to put in there can they just reach the medium of what was going to give an look i've asked yankee fans and i'll continue to do chris what is your confidence level they're going to get this wildcard inau mm maybe i'm not maybe i'm blinded by my mom qatar being rejuvenated in able to love the players and not just the logo your seven i'm ana seven yeah i think they'll get it done i think they need the break i think they were gassed i think a lot of the offense of problems really started press it was a matter of losing people i mean you're going to get all about you're getting kasturba greg bird stuff is very disappointed i feel bad for the kid i mean bird is just had the worst lock in this injury sounds like it could end could in surgery and it's his overall though i got a film are going to bounce back we're gonna find out quick with the eleven your motor we are going to find out another high unused whether we make the wild card because i do i do doubt i mean i doubt the inconsistencies we've had with pitching here and there the injuries and then just my experience and sports with young team dealing with all these different moving parts you know your new guys being inserted in the line up the batting order changing all those things that they can affect younger guys out there stole highly years i think it's the old adage on i would say this what i'm doing my nfl shown it's like guys winning games in december is differ pete winning games in in august and september is different so you're right i don't have.

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