California, Bill, Nancy Pelosi discussed on Morning Edition


I'm penny Nelson. California lawmakers are looking for ways to keep tough environmental standards in place. In case, the Trump administration decides to rollback federal regulations cake. Katie or reports on a Bill scheduled for a hearing in the state assembly tomorrow. Senate Bill, one from Senate leader, Toni Atkins would establish baseline standards for California's air and water. It would also protect endangered species. And keep worker protections in place, under the Bill, California would still be required to meet stringent standards in those areas, even if the federal government loosens regulations, the Trump administration is looking at rolling that California's auto emission standards and has proposed slashing the US environmental protection agency's budget. The Bill has already cleared the state Senate for the California report, I'm Katie or insect Renato. Meanwhile, house speaker Nancy Pelosi is in Los Angeles today touting her party's efforts to lower healthcare costs and prescription drug prices over the weekend in her home district of San Francisco Pelosi said when it comes to healthcare, everything is on the table for Democrats heading into the twenty twenty election. Many democratic presidential hopefuls are pushing for so called Medicare for all Pelosi his not endorsed that idea. But she said Democrats are United on wanting to bring down costs all everybody. Suggestions on the table and see how that works for the patient for the consumer for the American people wasn't me terms of the quality of care. They receive counted excess they would have in the cost is too many democratic presidential hopefuls disagree on whether they support Medicare for all, and some Republicans are betting the issue will divide party leaders Pelosi says House Democrats will continue to fight Republican efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act..

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