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12 states and 356. Calls us to spread kindness with Josh Stevens Foundation. You could do this by signing up to volunteer through our website, purchasing one of our be kind shirts through online store or encourage your school to join our be kind program and become a vey kind school at Josh Stevens foundation dot org's We'd love to hear from you and appreciate all of you continuing to spread kindness throughout our community. Hey, don listeners once of good news, you can. Now listen to us your favorite news talk station on the FM dial. That's right. We're growing K, d W and he's now also on 101.5 on your FM dial. If you like this on a m. You'll love us on FM. It's the same great line up the same great station but now available on your FM dial. Check it out now, the new 1015 FM 7:20 a.m. k don't but talk of Las Vegas. See you. Dotcom. Did you know junior achievement of Southern Nevada is building brighter futures when students participate in junior achievement there, given the tools to finish school, reached for their dreams and capture them When you volunteer, you teach students how to be smart with their money, prepare for the workforce and to think like a business person, But that's not all junior achievement shows kids that what they're learning in the classroom today impacts their future. Invest in the future of our kids by making a contribution or volunteering. Learn more at J s envy. Dot org's The opinions of the host on Katie WN are their own and do not necessarily reflect the.

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