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Sir. What does it mean to you to see this memorial when you come out here? There's intersections tough for me. Always be tough for me. I closed my eyes and I can see him. You know I can see it. Came from the left side over here and that joking and cutting up like two younger who do probably probably and then they turn left in the world's about to change turn right not left however it is and whoever it was has stared at this nature reserves. I just like we right now. I know that even the first first day right here stood right here. You're the top COP in the state of Indiana. This happened in broad daylight light. How unusual is that aspect? I don't ever remember anything like this in my entire a business thirty five years and I don't remember anything quite like this. This is is just different for so many reasons. Just so many things have caused us to be different. And it doesn't minimize any other loss of of a child or of the MOM or dad or for anger anybody but the totality of this is different. Doug Carter is certain absolute absolutely without a doubt we all know that murders go unsolved all the time. That's a familiar story. But here's why the murders of Abigail Williams and liberty German thirteen and fourteen years old are different. We can see who did it. We can hear who did it but we still don't know I know who did it. Delphi Indiana is a small place just north of Indianapolis with about three thousand people. They'll tell you this kind of thing doesn't happen here and they were right until it did. We're approaching the bridge. Now what do you see as you look at it him. I can seem standing right out. There can seem standing right out there. Feel the same way every time I come here. Gosh Dang it look back this way. You'll see them walking here. You can see you can see just doing the girls do. Yeah Golan listen so quiet so peaceful then what occurred right down there just beyond evil beyond what you can unplug the human mind understand. There's a reason this all happen. It is not just. I just don't know what it is slow as you stand here today. Are you convinced. Instant this cases solvable. Yes took one hundred percent. One hundred percent Nearly three years and close to fifty thousand tips later the murders of Abbey and Livy. That's what their friends and family call them are still unsolved. Investigators say the man who did this maybe living among them in Delphi sitting next to them in church in line at the grocery store what what happened on the bridge in those woods that day as he'd done it before will he do it. Again is a lot of evidence a lot of tips. Why isn't this solved? Police swear their one tip away from doing just that. Who has it and will they ever come forward over? The course of the next eight chapters were going into explore those questions with the people living. Let's get started. Police are also examining this snapchat. APD Chat photo. It was taken just before both girls disappeared the announcement that the girls have been found not to a good end. We are investigating a in crime scene. We suspect foul play. Law Enforcement is saying that one of the girls actually took video on her iphone. They say it was right before she was murdered. TWO WE HAVE A. We have a still photograph. We have sound they. We don't have this person's it could be a half the white males and Carroll County to killer who may be in this room we likely interview. We know that this is about power to you and you want to know what we know. One day you will. This is down the hill. The Delphi.

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