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North of that you're in good shape SO highway drive just busy were expected westbound I. seventy cross the elevated and west bound to seventy Vasquez bit crowded these about two seventy slow at York CBS for weather mostly sunny was scattered afternoon storms and high of ninety four scattered evening storms and mostly cloudy overnight low sixty three tomorrow mostly sunny good chance of an afternoon evening thunderstorm hive eighty five or Friday scattered showers and storms again high eighty nine right now eighty three Iraq war going on Kayley newsradio Colorado's news traffic weather station the home of the Broncos one zero Debbie out every home Broncos game it's your chance to win a pair of twenty nineteen Broncos season tickets two fifty and use the key words brought goes when prompted your phone calls will be around three again dial pound two fifty and use the keyword Broncos and you'll be entered to win twenty nineteen Broncos season tickets more info at J. O. a news radio dot com you want to set your cubicle for an hour pretend to be happy well your sad excuse for a swivel chair over to be jobs enjoy real happy hour get deals like two dollar but lighten cores light draft three dollars select premium shots five dollar loaded nachos and all the games you can watch happy full while way location only hours ago okay twenty one or older for we're the president and First Lady visiting mass shooting victims we've got the details at twelve thirty on KO a news radio all all here's audio summit number thirty two at Dayton Ohio this afternoon the mayor.

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