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Sometimes we'll get stalled. Sometimes we get sidetracked when we walk with Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit to the destination that God the father designed for us. The results are better than we could ask for or imagine. And now here's your host Terry Modique. Last December. I went to an advent retreat. That was very interesting and it was interesting even more so now in light of what's going on in our rural because of the Kovic nineteen pandemic. This was a retreat that Lord made very clear he wanted me to go to. It was in another state. I had to fly to it when I got an email about this retreat and I'm not even sure how I got on the mailing list for that email but when I got it I felt very clear. I heard God's very clearly Seyni go go on this retreat so I made the arrangements and went and while I was there I was asking the Lord. Why did you want me to come here to this particular retreat at this particular time to hear this particular set of speakers? And what do you want me to learn from my life? And what do you want me to share with others? What became very apparent to me was that it was like going to a military briefing. You know in the secular world in in the military world when generals get together for a military briefing. What do they do? They share military intelligence. What is the enemy doing? What's the latest information about the enemy strategies? And what are we going to do about this? And what is already being done about this? And what do we need to plan? I felt like I had gone to a military briefing about the battle between heaven and earth the battle for our souls the battle between God and his people and the enemy and his pawns. So I'm going to share with you some of the things that I noted. I jotted down in my notes from this retreat. And I'm going to share it now in light of how things have further developed since then but I before I get into that I want to make note of something in this stage of where the cove in nineteen pandemic has gotten in all of our thinking around the world because I think every country now probably every country is on lockdown where people are told to stay in their home so as not to spread not to catch the virus and the this is very important. We need to be working together as a global community. But in this. There's something going on between the Devil and God's people in this. There is something that the devil wants to take advantage of and I'm seeing rising up at this stage. I'm recording this. When I think it's not even come to a climax yet in the United States where I live and other places. The virus hasn't reached its peak yet. Either but in some of the first places might have reached its peak and has maybe gone on the decline. Although we're still waiting for vaccine we're still waiting for good medical treatments but the point I want to make here is that we have a lot of fear mongers. We have a lot of people using social media because social media is much more popular right. Now it's how people are. Staying connected is what people are turning to when they don't have jobs to go to or schools to go to and this is one of the dangers because we can get very easily caught up. It becomes addictive to be constantly looking at social media. And there's a lot more. There's an increase right now on social media of fearful posts fear generating posts on the one hand. There's the good fear. The healthy fear of do be afraid of going out in public as if things were normal. Because you might catch the disease you need to take precautions. Take this seriously be afraid of getting sick. Even if you don't show symptoms or get mild symptoms because you might spread it to somebody else. Be Afraid of being a carrier for the sake of others. But there's another kind of fear a demonic kind of fear which is meant to take our eyes off of hope our eyes off of face. Our eyes off of love in other words is off of Jesus. Christ you know. I spent the morning today answering people's questions and looking at some of the things people are sharing with me saying. What should I think about this which they tell others about this? What should I do about this? And there's some bizarre stuff out there if it generates fear and I'm not talking about the healthy fear of taking care of ourselves. I'm talking about fear that makes us full of anxiety. Any kind of anxiety. That kind of fear is not of the Lord. Let me read to you from Isaiah. This is in chapter forty one verse ten fear. Not God says I am with you. Do not be dismayed. I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you end up. Hold you with my right hand of justice when scripture talks about the right hand it's talking about the hand of power it represents God's power guide is upholding you with his power. He does that for us but we have to avail ourselves of it. You know we have to reach out. We have to have our hands open to receive what he wants to give to us. But this message of fear not means that we need to keep our eyes on God and not on the ways that people of the world are trying to get attention through fear through anxiety or through false. Hope there's also a lot of well meaning Christians who are posting things on social networks that are about finding evidence that is giving people hope not based on true facts and so we need to research everything that we want to share. We need to make sure on our social networks that we responsibly share. What is true? Some of the things being sent around the pope is asking for prayer. That's good and that can be verified and some of its old stuff that was posted a long time ago and pope isn't asking for prayer at that particular time that's in the post. The prayers not bad to do even if you mistakenly believe that. This is an accurate post for today.

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