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Contests this year and waged in the biggest battleground state in the US, it's also drawn national attention for being one of the most rancorous, pitting. Andrew gillum, the liberal mayor of Tallahassee against Rhonda Santa's former congressman who earned President Trump's early endorsement, it's a story by Wall Street Journal reporter Ari on Chempil Flora's Arjan set this up. It is a really unique election for Florida because you have on both sides a very liberal Democrat running against a very conservative Republican in Florida races. You often candidates sort of aiming for the middle because it's a purple state kind of swings from one party to the next. But in this case, you you really have the kind of polar ends of of ideological spectrum doing it out and really focusing intently. In the final stretch on whipping up enthusiasm among their bases and bringing out their most powerful surrogates and just really driving turn out as opposed to making sort of appeals across the aisle, and and and having sort of more moderating voice. Well, all right. So the let's say the most outspoken of the issues for the candidates or what say the top two for Mr. Gill Limor, Mr. DeSantis. Well, so Richard a fantasy the Republican has really run very very closely aligned with Donald Trump. The president endorsed him in the primary and helped deliver that nomination to him in the home stretch, the president campaigned in two different Florida's cities to to to try to you know, drum up support for him. And so, you know, his fantasists message has been in keeping with with Trump's he has said he would protect. Florida from the problems of illegal immigration on the economic front. He has positioned himself as a continuation of the current governors administration or Republican Rick Scott. And and and saying that he would continue those low tax low regulation policies that the current governor then acted on the other side with Guillem, you have some running as a, you know, a quite liberal Democrat, perhaps the most liberal that Florida has seen an democratic nominee in recent history. He calls for boosting the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour. He calls for expanding Medicaid coverage to as many other states have done. But which Florida has resisted thus far. And so, you know, it's it's it's. His economic message is one of wanting to help out more those who are working class voters. And folks who feel that they have been at the losing end of economic policies by the president on down. I guess it must be asked. When you float those types of things when he mentions expanding Medicaid, or perhaps as you point out the story getting starting pay for teachers to fifty grand a year to pay for that. Well, you know, that's what the the criticism of bed. Republicans mount against Gillam is that you know, how are you going to pay for all of this? How are you going to pay for this and not raise taxes in a state that tends to be tax verse? There is no income tax personal income tax, for instance. And in in Florida. So that's that's an open question. How how all of these measures would be funded speaking with Wall Street Journal reporter, Orion Campo Flores. And he's written a piece entitled in close Florida. Governor's race candidates. Keep sites on their basis the attacks have gotten personal too, correct? Oh, yeah. It's been a very personal very nasty acrimonious campaign. They have just repeatedly assailed each other on the campaign trail and their debates. The Santa's has.

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