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Real quick we recommend listening to this. Show on spotify where you can. Listen to all of your favorite artists and podcasts in one place for free without a premium account. spotify has a huge huge catalog of podcasts. On every imaginable topic. Plus you can follow your favorite podcasts. So you never miss an episode. Premium users can download episodes to listen to off off lime wherever and whenever and easily share what. You're listening to with your friends on instagram. So if you haven't done so already be sure to download the spotify APP search for optimal finance finance daily on spotify or browse podcasts. In the Your Library Tab also make sure to follow me so you never miss an episode of optimal finance daily. This is optimal finance daily episode. Ten thirty seven five steps to six figures in seven years part one by Esi of ESI. I MONEY DOT com. And I'm Dan I'm your host and narrator bringing you some of the best blogs on personal finance seven days a week and if you have any topic requests for US please share those by visiting old podcast dot com that's L. D.. PODCAST DOT COM also a quick reminder that you are automatically entered into our book raffles if you're part of our free weekly newsletter newsletter mailing list. So if you're not on that already. Now is a great time to join. Just come by old PODCAST DOT COM and sign up but for now. Let's get to the post as we start optimizing using your life five steps to six figures in seven years part one by yes. I of the SL money dot com as you can tell from the title..

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