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Phil took his duke on the heat leave his deal is i like to find the greenest lawn but there's an algorithm with fell and he's one hundred ten pound dog so it's not the paris hilton with that the rabbit shit this is this big time it up his algorithm marilyn up humansize fiat yeah it it and then some his uh his algorithm is green is slow on verses how many cars are in the driveway currently he likes a full house like you know what i mean if you're just if if the lights are off the windows are closed in the curtains are closed and there's no cars than the driveway he just keeps walk if it's an event like this the thing that distinguishes the high end thoroughbreds from the also rans in the in the horse racing is performing in front of people in other words fail is a high end pooper bobby is whole thing is he's not gonna hit a dirt lawn but he's not gonna hit a green lawn if there are no karzai guy he's got a rare look at clutch in the clutch with the eyes upon him and that's what you want and that's what he wants so he drops the duke on whatever with whoever has the green salon in the most cars parked in the driveway and then uh i have to then pick it up after him and then later on in the walk he finds a nice piece lawn with a few carson the driveway and does a duke move but it it's liquid at this point there is nothing there's nothing now i blame myself.

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